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January 2015 Recap

How is it that we’re already into February?!  Prior to Amy coming along, I had already noticed that time was going by quickly, but ever since her arrival, it seems as though time is travelling at warp speed!  It’s really hard to find the time to simply sit and reflect on things that have happened in our lives, so I’m really going to try and at least do a monthly re-cap just so we have something to look back on when the year is up.


What’s Up With Amy

  • Amy turned 20 months old on the 23rd and if you ask her how old she is, she will tell you with no hesitation.
  • She continues to blow our minds on a daily basis with her extensive vocabulary and smarts.  Her speaking skills seem normal to us because that’s all we know due to her being our only child and all, but people are continuously surprised by what she can say due to her age and that just makes me beam with pride.  It’s crazy to actually be able to have conversations with her now!


  • At the beginning of the month, she started her 2nd round of swimming lessons with her grandma and has mastered the art of blowing bubbles in the water.  She may not do it so much in the actual swimming pool, but she’s always happy to show me what she can do at bath time.
  • Her obsession with Frozen continued to grow forcing us to watch the first 20-25min or so of the movie multiple times a week – we can probably recite it now. 😉

My Workouts

So I started this year with a big plan to finally get back into shape.  I found a monthly HITT workout challenge and deemed it doable….  I failed miserably. LOL


I thought that I could bust out this little workout daily in the evenings after Amy went to bed, but I was so very wrong.  Working out late in the evening just isn’t for me and my failure with this challenge proved that fact.  A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling defeated and bad about my self and then I came across the Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up.  The challenge began January 26 and I dove right in.  I’be chosen to wake up earlier to do the workouts before having to wake Amy and it’s going well so far!


One of my goals for the year was to try and read 1 book a month.  I had begin the month reading 12 Years A Slave, but found that I was slogging through it, so I gave up. (I’ve since realized, if I am falling asleep after reading 1 page in a book at night, it’s not worth reading) I had actually gotten busy and forgot about my reading goal after I gave up on that book – if I’m being completely honest.  But then out of nowhere, I received an email from my library (yes, I only just realized that I could borrow e-books from that place!).  It was now my turn to borrow the e-book version of Mindy Kaling’s book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”.  I had actually forgotten that I had put this book on hold because I asked for it back in November!  I was still interested in giving it a read, so I decided to borrow it…… I then read it in less than a week. The book was light-hearted, witty, funny and a joy to read.  I’ve been a fan of Mindy’s since The Office and am glad that I got a little more insight into what she is all about.

News Worth Noting

I haven’t spoken about this here on the blog yet, but as everyone knows, Target announced that they were going to be leaving Canada – pronto! I am so unbelievably saddened by this news. So many people are going to be losing their jobs and I am going to be losing my favourite store!!  Target has been ‘my place’ in the short year and 2 months that it resided in my little town.  I would make a point to go simply just to walk around and bargain hunt every Saturday afternoon while Amy napped.  It was some nice much needed me time that I’m going to miss.  I absolutely loved the products that Target sold as well, so I’m just going to take this moment to let it all out.. WAHHHHHHHHHHH L Any bets on how long it’ll take before something will take it’s place?  Will my little town ever get a Starbucks again? Sigh…


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