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19 Months In Cloth..(Ie. My Love For Funky Fluff)

I am happy to report that Amy is now about 19.5 months old and has officially spent all but her first 3 weeks of life in cloth diapers. When I casually look at the prices of disposable diapers on the shelves, I couldn’t be happier with our initial decision to go with cloth for Amy. After 19 months of use, I thought it would be nice to do up a little post about my favourite diapers and why we love them. Maybe some of you are considering cloth in the near future? Perhaps I can persuade you if you’re not? 😉

To one who is unfamiliar with cloth, an initial Google search can be very daunting. You will find yourself staring at endless links in regards to the what can be overwhelming world of cloth diapering. You’ll see stuff about prefolds, covers, inserts, wool, microfiber, bamboo, all in one, all in two, all in three!!! Where do you even start, right?!

Today I am going to talk to you about cloth diapering the EASY way.

I was very lucky to have run into the lovely ladies of Funky Fluff at the Toronto Baby-Time Show back in November 2012 when I was just 3 months pregnant with Amy. I knew I wanted to go with cloth and they sold me on their diapers which gave you an all-in-3 option. In simple terms, it meant you could use their diapers 3 different ways if you wanted… in even simpler terms, their diapers gave you the capability to simply stuff the diaper with absorbent inserts and put on your baby the same way you’d put on a disposable – the only difference is that you’re doing up snaps instead of velcro. The best thing about Funky Fluff, and what had me sold was that the inserts have the capability to come out on their own in the wash = no man-handling dirty diapers on wash day; just toss ‘em in! And hey, you also can’t deny that they look pretty darn good as well. 😉


Although Funky Fluff may have a higher price tag vs. other brands out there, I would say they are entirely worth the investment (especially if you plan to have more than 1 child). I had decided to split my initial stash between cheaper brands ($6-$7/diaper) and the stay-dry version of Funky Fluff ($20.99/diaper) and realize now that it was a mistake. After 19 months of use, about 50% of my cheaper diapers are no longer usable due to broken elastics and/or delamination of the diaper itself – they are no longer water repellent. However, after 19 months of use my Funky Fluff diapers still look like brand new!! The high quality of these diapers are out of this world and once Amy is done with them, they will easily do the trick for another child (if not mine–in the way distant future, someone else’s lol).

To be 100% honest, in the earlier months of cloth diapering, the Funky Fluff diapers weren’t my #1 favorite. Amy has always been very teeny and I just could never get them fitted properly in the early days because of bulk. BUT they have since re-designed their diaper to make it a little bit more trim and I know if I had these new trimmer diapers when Amy was still itty-bitty, I would have loved them since day 1. Now, I just love every single one of my Funky Fluff diapers and am always finding myself reaching towards them first.

Oh and FYI – They are grandmother/day care approved as well! 😉

I could go on writing out about how easy these things are to use, but it’s much easier to show you first hand, so here’s a little video. (Don’t mind the bit of interrupting from Amy lol that’s what I get for filming in her room…at bedtime.)

*note: I was in no way compensated by Funky Fluff for this post…I just love them that much!*


One thought on “19 Months In Cloth..(Ie. My Love For Funky Fluff)

  1. We also do cloth diapers and they were hand-me-downs so they were free and I’m so thankful for that…. but if we purchased them ourselves I would have probably chosen a different brand. I don’t love the gDiapers.

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