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Gift Ideas from Minted

Are you still struggling on gift ideas for a certain someone in your life? Perhaps a gift for yourself? Have you ever thought to check out

I came across Minted several years ago when shopping around for places to print our wedding invites and recently discovered that they have since expanded their offerings to include things like gorgeous art prints and even fabrics!

Although I have already completed my Christmas shopping (go me!), I am always on the look-out for new home decor items.  It’s crazy-hard trying to style our main living space so that it’s both toddler friendly for the three of us, but grown-up friendly for the two of us. We spend about 95% of our time in our small living/dining room area, so it’s always on my radar when it comes to fixing up. (Things are going to get even more challenging come Christmas when a play kitchen will be coming into the equation – shhh! Don’t tell Amy!) I have an endless list of things that I would love to do to our little space with one of those things being art.  I love using art to brighten up a space and am actually surprised that we don’t have very much of it in our home.

Queue Minted! 🙂

Let’s just say that I am so totally in love with the art found on Minted! I would honestly fill my home with art from this site if we had an endless stream of cash coming in. Aside from the amazing art itself, I found it so cool to learn that the designs are all created by independent designers from all over the world! What a wicked idea!

I’ve probably spent at least a few hours scouring the art section in search of something to go on our living room wall and decided to stick to my favourite go-to colour as inspiration. How awesome are these designs?




I just love the gold-foil accents on this one!


Another cool thing that I’ve discovered about Minted is that when purchasing a print, you have the option to order it with a frame as well!  This is a huge plus for someone like me who would rather not have to go out and by a frame.  I love the convenience of online shopping and the fact that Minted can provide a frame with the order is amazing!

So…Are you needing some Christmas gift ideas? 😉  With an estimated 3-5 day delivery to Canada, there’s still time to order and have it in time for the big day! …I think I might even scoop up a thing or two for myself!

Check out these cool Christmas-inspired prints!





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