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Halloween Recap

Well, we survived our first official Trick-Or-Treating Halloween with little Amy. It was wet…it was cold…but it was a blast!

To start off our Halloween, I decided to let Amy paint her own little pumpkin. Prior to a few weeks ago, she has yet to experience finger painting.
I let her try some painting prior to Halloween to prepare for her pumpkin, so at least she had a general idea of what to do.

The funny thing about this kid though is she isn’t the biggest fan of getting messy.

She definitely didn’t get as messy as you’d expect for a toddler here age, but she seemed to really enjoy herself and it was a great little project.

Once she finished painting, we progressed to the big pumpkin. I though maybe…just maybe she’d want to help take the innards out of the pumpkin, but of course, when asked she simply said “no”. Lol I’m telling you, this child does not like to get dirty! (I’m going to have to work on that.)

Since she wasn’t too interested in the whole pumpkin carving thing, we moved on to a little ponycorn photo shoot! 😉

….and of course, no Halloween photo shoot is complete without a chocolate sampling. This girl drinks kale smoothies 3-4 times a week, so we were happy to let her have a little sampling.

With some painting, a photo shoot, a nap and some supper under our belts, it was time to go trick-or-treating! As with most Canadian Halloween’s it was freezing cold…and rainy…and wet.. But that wasn’t going to stop us. With the addition of a few extra layers, red rain boots, some mittens and a hot pink pumpkin, we ventured out.



We only chose to visit 5 houses on our street (belonging to people we know) and that amount was perfect. Amy marvelled in the pumpkins, bats and spiders. She even said a few “treat”s and “thank you”s. All in all it was a fantastic time, despite the bad weather. It’s all about what you make of it, right?

Can’t wait for next year! 🙂


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