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The Meal Plan: October 25-31


I’ve been meaning to start posting our meal plans again, so today seemed like a good day to start. 😉  We’ve been trying our hardest to stick to meal plans simply for some additional ease at supper time.  Chris has been on a new schedule the past month and a bit and having a set plan helps so that whomever is home first can start on supper preparations.  Here’s what we have on the go for this week.


Surprise Belated Birthday dinner for me! (Chris owes me a b-day dinner, so he’s in charge!)


Baked Chicken & Orzo (trying a recipe I pinned here)


Roasted Turkey, potatoes & veggies (Chris is going to try a recipe that I pinned here)


Tortellini & Salad


Chicken teryaki, rice & broccoli


Pork Schnitzel with barley and veggies


Chicken Finger, Fries & salad (a fast meal to fill our bellies before Trick or Treating!)

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