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Baby Amy: 6 Months

Happy 1/2 Birthday to my perfect baby girl!!!


It seems as though SO MUCH has happened in our little one’s 6 month!  So without further ado…

What Amy’s Been Up To:

– FINALLY she has learned to roll over from her back to her belly!!  Of course, I missed it the first few times.. 😉


– With her new skill, we had no choice but to begin putting her to bed in a sleep sack instead of her Woombie at night.  I was really worried that she wouldn’t take to it well, but we’ve actually had a lot of sleep success since then. 🙂

– To be a little more clear her sleep has certainly taken a turn in her 6 month and we all couldn’t be more grateful for that. She now regularly takes 3 regular naps each day, goes to bed by 7:30 and wakes at roughly 7:30 each morning.  It’s very RARE for her to cry when we put her down and she goes down in her crib AWAKE every single time now. Since she’s been sleeping better, we seem to have a different baby on our hands!  She’s always happy and barely ever sheds a tear.  I consider us very lucky. 🙂

– She celebrated her very first Halloween (daddy’s favourite time of year) and dressed up as a little lioness sporting the costume that her grandma bought her at Halloween last year which was doctored up a tad by me via adding a pink bow hehe!!


– She’s begun to master the skill of sitting on her own…


– …and she’s even doing well standing on her own while supporting herself on her activity table!!! We still have to stay close by, but she’s doing really well!


– FOOD!!!!!! With the go-ahead from her doctor, we’ve continued to introduce new foods every 3-5 days or so. Aside from oatmeal, sweet potato and butternut squash, she’s had….

Avocado! (LOVED!!!)


Chicken (LOVED!!)


Yogurt (Liberte Baby Yogurt in plain) – (LOVED!!)


Green Peas (hated them so much she gagged and literally threw up!!)


Ground Beef (LOVED!!)


Carrots (Enjoyed, but they didn’t agree with her system)


Barley cereal (HATED and gagged)


Baby MumMums Cookie — COOKIE MONSTER!!


Apple Sauce Mixed with Prunes (LOVED!!) and green beans which she HATED!!!  —– I don’t have photos of those ones.

All in all, she’s doing really well thus far on the food front and eating solids 3-4 times per day while continuing to breastfeed like a champ!!! (SOOOO thankful that I am still successfully breastfeeding as well!)

– Amy also cut not one, but TWO teeth in her 6 month!!!  The first popped through just before Halloween and the other followed about a week and a half ago.  They’re taking their sweet time pushing out all the way, but they’re-a-comin!


– And.. to finish things up with the 6 month highlights… Amy unfortunately came down with her very first cold (we all did).  She made it through like a little trooper though and was back to herself after a few days.


…the second tooth started the process of breaking through right as she was in the middle of her cold..


Thankfully we have a happy healthy 6-month-old now who’s continuing to surprise us each and every day. 🙂


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