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Postpartum 30DS Challenge: Week 1


Day 1 (Level 1) – November 18, 2013: To my surprise, in certain ways I didn’t find this first workout as difficult as I thought I would.  I suppose tending to a 6-month-old on a 24-7 period helps in a way. 😉  I was humbled in the fact that I can no longer do a proper push-up though and had to get through by doing my pushups the ‘girly’ way, but then again I shouldn’t be surprised considering that I have next to NO core strength at the moment.  I owe that to the fact that I was sliced right open 6 months ago.  Anyhow, I decided to start out using my 3lb weights and I made it through the workout without really having to struggle too much — something that made me very happy!  I’m almost thinking that MAYBE I’ll do each level only 8 times instead of 10.. We shall see! 🙂

Day 2 (Level 1) – November 19, 2013: The second day is always the hardest! If you only knew how much I had to battle myself mentally to get my butt downstairs and do workout 2 this morning… I even found myself trying to make excuses last night!  I caught myself thinking… “well maybe I’ll be super sore, so maybe I should just plan to do the workouts every other day this week”… Thankfully Chris helped me push myself and knock those thoughts way to the back of my head.  There was a split moment this morning when I considered relaxing as usual with my cup of coffee while Amy had her morning nap.. I thought to myself “I’ll just do the workout during one of her afternoon naps instead!”.. but I quickly realized that if I didn’t just go and do it as planned, there would have been no workout today.  Yes I was tired, and yes I was sore, but hey — I’m typing this now while still sweating and feeling VERY proud of myself.  I sucked it up and I did the workout.  And you want to know the best part?  I did the workout as per my schedule and now I can be happy knowing that tomorrow is an off day. Yay! 🙂

Day 3 (Level 1) – November 21, 2013: Ok remember what I said after day 2?? Well scratch that.  Today was definitely the hardest thus far!! … or maybe I should just say that the first week is the hardest!!! I completely had to battle my mind again this morning and force myself to just suck it up and go down to do this workout. A HUGE part of me still wanted to snuggle up in my chair with a hot cup of coffee instead.  I felt fatigued during the workout today and my legs BURNED almost the entire time.. BUT… I DID IT.  And I feel GREAT now for having accomplished/tackled day 3.  It’s only 9:30am and I have the rest of the day to snuggle up and be lazy if I want. 😉

Day 4 (Level 1) – November 23, 2013: Today it actually felt like I may have injured my hamstring.. not fun. It was burning at the beginning of the workout, but actually hurt by the end.  I did some extra stretching and hopefully my day off tomorrow will help it heal.  That being said, I still managed to push through the workout even though it was tough.  The main thing about getting started with these challenges is that you really have to wrap your mind around the whole thing and get it on board.  If you’re not prepared mentally to push through, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Your body is going to HURT – that’s a given when it’s out of shape, but you really need to push yourself mentally to just get it done as it does get easier as you go.  While doing this workout this morning, I also thought of an interesting little note: Pregnancy actually taught me something that is proving to be beneficial towards these workouts — during my Lamaze classes, I actually learned how to BREATHE properly.  It’s amazing how much a good breathing habit can aid in a successful workout.

Week 1 is now DONE!!! 🙂

…you’ll get some progress photos after week 2. 😉


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