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Postpartum 30 Day Shred Challenge

It’s been almost 2 years since I embarked on my FIRST 30 Day Shred challenge and came out feeling healthier and fitter than ever before.  A LOT has happened since then such as — umm… I got pregnant and had my first child! — which has left me starting back all over again.  I attempted the workout and hoped to begin the challenge a few months ago, but after the workout things just didn’t feel ‘right’ in my incision area (I had a C-section) so I never continued on.  Now that I am just about 6 months postpartum (just under a week to go), and have my baby on a fantastic sleeping/napping schedule, I finally decided that it was time that I begin this challenge for myself once again. 🙂

I suppose that I’ve been REALLY lucky in that I essentially lost all of my ‘baby weight’ several months ago.  I’ve been fitting in my skinniest jeans with no issues, but I still haven’t been the happiest about my new post-baby body.  Things are umm.. definitely looser in the midsection area and to be 100% honest, it makes me very uncomfortable about myself.  I’m sure every new mom feels the same way, so no surprise there!  We grow and carry a kid for 9 months, give birth to said kid and then bam! New body for mom!  Of course, ‘Hollywood’ makes you feel even worse about yourself when you see famous new moms stepping out 3 months later with a body of  perfection. But then again, us ‘normal’ folk are spending our time with our new bundles of joy instead of in the gym in those early months so we can’t compare.  I’ve been trying to go through this with the mindset that it took my body 9 months to grow Amy and change into it’s new self, so I fully expect it to take 9 months to get the weight back.. and with a lot of hard work, I am hopeful that I will be able to mold my new body into something that I am happy and proud of  – stretch marks and all! 😉  At 6 months postpartum, I feel healed enough in my midsection and mentally prepared to start working on myself. And hey, it also helps to know that I only have a few months before I start swimming lessons with Amy – meaning I have a little goal to look towards.

Since some of my most popular posts tend to be those related to my first challenge, I saw it only fitting that I blog about my journey throughout the challenge the second time around.  Blogging about the challenge/journey helps me keep with it as I am accountable for my actions, but if there’s any possible way that I can help/encourage other moms out there, I would be ecstatic!

The Challenge


So here we go!!!  For the next little while, Mondays will be dedicated to my Postpartum 30 Day Shred Challenge.  I’m trying to be a little more realistic in how I tackle the challenge this time with the plan to do the workouts only 4 days a week (I did them 6 days a week the first time), as being a mom is EXHAUSTING and I know that I will just burn myself out if I try to tackle too much.  I am not doing detailed measurements on myself this time around, but I may post some progress photos as I go.  Regardless, each Monday will be dedicated to going over how I did the previous week, much like I did the last time.  I began the challenge today, so I should be completing my 30 workouts in early January.

And… well…. without further ado….. (I can’t believe I’m about to post these!!!!)

My 6 months postpartum BEFORE shots


…seriously, you have NO IDEA how terrified I am to post these…


…but I want to be as REAL as I can be so that I can show/prove what honest work can do.

I had a little chat with my husband this morning about how scared I was to post these before shots and what he said to me was genius and made me feel a LOT better about it all.  He told me to not look at these as BEFORE shots, but to look at them as GOOD BYE shots!! (seriously babe, you’re a genius!)  So this morning I said GOOD BYE to the ‘baby belly’. 🙂

Check back next Monday to see how my first week back at it went!


2 thoughts on “Postpartum 30 Day Shred Challenge

  1. Laura, you look fantastic for 6 months postpartum. Honest!
    Obviously the belly takes a hit, poor thing gets stretched out as far as humanly possible lol … but you will NO DOUBT bounce right back with the challenge – look at how great you look without it!

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