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Baby Amy: 4 & 5 Months

With sleep training under our belts, this momma FINALLY has something called FREE TIME!  It’s pretty crazy after all these months to have these burst of alone time to actually get stuff done.  I’m looking forward to actually getting to start doing things for myself again. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I posted Amy’s monthly update so I’m sort of going to combine the past two months into one post!!!



What Amy’s Been Up To:

– As her monthly photo suggests, one of the BIGGEST things in month 4 would be that Amy discovered her hands! From the moment she discovered them, those suckers can be found in or around her mouth about 90% of the time when she is awake. 😉

– Breastfeeding is STILL a go — YAY!!! My goal is to be able to breastfeed at least until Amy’s first birthday and I’m happy it’s still going well.

– While on the food topic, the girl is staying on the low end of the weight curve coming in the 15th percentile at just 13lbs at her 4 month check-up — HOWEVER she’s an amazon child and just continues to get taller remaining in the 85th percentile for height.  We are not concerned in the least about her weight, but since she had been showing interest in our food, Amy’s doctor gave me the go ahead to try and start her on solids! FUN!  The day after her 4 month check-up, she tried oatmeal for the first time! In months 4 & 5, she’s had oatmeal, sweet potato and butternut squash!  The squash has been her favourite thus far.


– Shortly after turning 3 months old, we decided to try putting Amy in the Jolly Jumper. OMG!! She took to it right away (check out my Instagram feed for videos) and it quickly became her favourite thing to do.

– Speaking of fun things to do – just before turning 5 months old, I decided to try her in the swings at the park. It was an instant hit as well! 🙂



– Back in September, she went apple picking and stayed awake! 😉


– And then in early October, she visited a pumpkin patch….


-…and met some cute little piggies! 😉


– Her personality really began to come out and shine during these two months and we have learned that we have quite the little character on our hands. 😉


– She celebrated her very first Thanksgiving!!! And got to spend some time with her great-grandma Sally..


– She even got to attend her very first Bowmanville Apple Fest!


-….and fell asleep 😉


– Amy has obviously grown leaps and bounds in months 4 and 5, but alas my poor little mommy brain just can’t think of any more notable things!!  Thankfully I can guarantee that month 6 will be on time! 😉

How I Am Doing:

Well plans to do post-partum workouts have still been put on the back-burner thanks to a wonky baby sleep schedule. We do try to get out for walks every day though so I’m at least doing something!! I consider myself pretty lucky in the fact that I’ve essentially lost all of the baby weight and only have a little belly pouch to deal with now.  All of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit – even my teeniest, non-stretchy skinny jeans – I just have that lovely post-baby belly to remind myself that I need to start toning up! 😉

Emotional-wise, motherhood is great. It’s been an absolute joy watching this little person come into her own each and every day.  It’s an exhausting 24-7 job, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 🙂


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