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Baby Amy: 3 Months

How is this daughter of mine already 3 months old?! (…I just wrote daughter.. still weird saying/writing that one!…)  She really seems like she has ‘grown up’ a LOT in this past month.  I just love watching her grow each and every day and really do look forward to see what she’ll be like as a little girl.. but then again, it would be nice if she’d just slow down on the growing just a bit. It’s been sad having to put away a bunch of her clothes already!


I don’t exactly notice how much she changes as each day passes, so I find it absolutely insane to see the changes in her monthly photos.


What Amy’s Been Up To:

– Still exclusively breastfed! Yay!! Take that 12 week growth spurt! 😉

– Still loving the cloth and am actually expecting an overnight cloth diaper in the mail any day now! (There will be a review up here once we try it out.)

– We took Amy on her very first overnight trip to a cottage that my parents were renting. Despite her refusal to nap in her playpen (hence the smiley shot in her Woombie below), she was very well behaved.  She even slept on her normal schedule at night! 🙂


– She’s been on four blueberry picking trips now and has decided to use the opportunity to sleep each time.  I look forward to next summer when she should be running through the blueberry bushes with purple fingertips!


– Oh here’s a BIGGIE!  On August 5th (so at 10.5 weeks old), out of nowhere Amy gave us her first official laughs and they totally melted our hearts! We’ve gotten only one more big giggle session ever since, but I’ve at least been able to get a few out of her here and there. I can’t wait until the giggles become a regular thing!

– ANOTHER biggie. I am SO very happy to report that Amy has made the full transition into her crib in her nursery.  After a successful sleep in the playpen at the cottage, we decided to try her out in her crib at night once we got home.  To be 100% honest, I totally slept on her floor for the first two nights.  My back was SO sore after the second night though so I bit the bullet and slept in by own bed.  Amy thankfully had absolutely NO issues with the transition whatsoever! It was all me who was the worried one.  I had a fear of not being able to hear her subtle “mom I’m hungry, but I’m not exactly awake” cues over the monitor, but I’ve had no problems as of yet. (not the best photo as it was taken with my iPod..but this is a shot of her one of her first mornings waking in the crib after I unzipped her from her Woombie.. stretching queen!)


– The BEST part about Amy sleeping in her crib (this is SO good that it deserves it’s own point) — she’s begun sleeping through the night!!!! (well most nights!)  More often than not for the past 2 weeks or so, Amy’s first stretch of sleep has been anywhere from 7 to almost 9 hours!!! That first night she slept through, I literally had to get up and check to see if the girl was breathing! I’d been so used to her getting up around 2-3am each night to eat that I was shocked to find her still asleep!

– Amy’s also begun to gain a LOT more strength in her neck over the past couple of weeks.  She’s wanting to sit up more and more now and her new ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE thing to do over the past 4 days or so is STAND!! Seriously, the girl doesn’t want to play and dance like she used to.  When it’s play time, she constantly makes her little motions to let us know that she wants to stand up!! (check my Instagram feed for a video! @mypinkthumb) Unfortunately she’s not quite ready for her Jolly Jumper yet… so I amuse myself by sitting her in her high chair for about 1 minute each day. 😉

fdddf9f205cf11e388f322000ae81126_7– She’s also beginning to get better at ‘tummy time’ each and every day.


– She’s even begun to take more notice in her toys. Tigger is quickly becoming her favourite. 😉


– The ONLY complaint I can make at this point is that despite her AMAZING sleeping habits at night, Amy is a horrible napper these days.  It is rare to get a nap much longer than 30 minutes out of her in the crib lately.. and most of her naps end up being in my arms because I get fed up with trying to get her to sleep in the crib and know she’ll fall asleep in my arms.  Regardless, I make the point to put her down for her first afternoon nap anywhere between 12:30-1:30 depending on her morning went.  I can always get her to go down in her crib at that time (which is where she is right now), but I just never know how long she’ll actually stay asleep.  It gets very frustrating as the majority of my days are centered around trying to get the girl to NAP!!  At the end of the day, her nights are GREAT so hopefully the naps will come. 🙂


How I Am Doing:

At 3 months postpartum, I honestly have no complaints!  I am just LOVING being a mommy to the cutest little girl and wouldn’t change a thing at this point in my life.

Body/workout-wise: Last time I weighed myself, I was within 5lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight. 🙂  All of my pants and tops fit me again – awesome! But.. I obviously have a bit of a baby belly. 😉 So my current goal is to work on tightening things up again and re-build the muscle that I lost when pregnant.  Aside from taking Amy for a walk pretty much every day, I have been back riding once a week for the past few weeks. Hoping to up that to at least twice a week if I can get my Amy-sitter (my mom 🙂 ) to come out a second morning.  Chelsea has been FANTASTIC having had all that time off and it’s been really great to start working with her again.  Even though Amy does come to the farm with me, it’s been nice having that little bit of separation while I’m out on Chels. 🙂  I also decided to try Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred a week or so ago just to see how it went.  To my surprise, nothing in my incision area hurt! Ya-hoo!!  I’ve only done it once though because it’s SO hard to get Amy to occupy herself for the 30 minutes while I workout.  I am determined to get rolling with it though, so I hope to try again this weekend when Chris can watch her and start off with doing it maybe 3x a week?  Regardless, I plan on doing a postpartum workout post in the next few days with my *gasp* ‘before’ photos!! Blogging about my progress during my last workout challenge helped to keep me accountable, so I plan to do the same this time! 🙂


One thought on “Baby Amy: 3 Months

  1. Laura she’s SO CUTE!!! I love her super alert photos. Adorable overload!!

    So glad she’s sleeping through the night. Soon enough she’ll be entertaining herself with toys & jumping & bouncing. My boys also LOVED chilling in the high chair watching me

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