My Cloth Diaper Post – 12 Weeks In

Since I have a couple of friends with babies due sooner than later who are planning on going cloth, I thought it was time for me to make an actual cloth diaper post. 😉

*Being a first time mom, I am obviously no expert on this topic. Anything written here are simply my own thoughts/opinions. I also have not been compensated in anyway for my review below.*

I knew that I wanted to go the cloth diaper post long before Chris and I even decided to try getting pregnant. It just so happened, they started to pop up on blogs that I read on a regular basis and having seen/read about how easy they were via other bloggers, I thought it would be a good way to go for us.  I am very frugal/deal-savy when it comes to our regular grocery shopping, so I was happy to have found a solution that would help us save money when it came to our baby.

Top 3 reasons we decided to go cloth:

  1. Number 1 is obviously $$$$$.  Yes, we are spending more money on our water/hydro now for the extra loads of laundry – HOWEVER, it is cheaper than purchasing diapers. (on my next cloth diaper post, I should be able to give you some good $ numbers.)
  2. Not going to lie… cloth diapers are super cute!!
  3. Less waste! In our neighbourhood, garbage is only picked up every 2 weeks! The thought of bags and bags of dirty diapers just sitting in our garage waiting for garbage day = yuck!!!


So… With the decision to go cloth settled, we then had to decide what brand we were going to go with! I never realized how many different brands there were out there until I actually started looking!!!  When my mom and I went to the Toronto Baby Show last November, we met the ladies from Funky Fluff.  The simple fact that their diapers are 3-in-1s, made me decide to chose them for my main brand.  I then added a ton of Funky Fluff diapers to our baby registry!  I wanted a little more variation in patterns and colours though (something Funky Fluff sadly doesn’t really offer), so I then sought out some Alva diapers.

We have a ‘stash’ of 24 diapers in total which has turned out to be the perfect amount.  It allows us to always have enough clean ones while the dirty ones are in the wash.

Usage So Far:

As much as we would have loved to use cloth on Amy right from the start, realistically disposable ended up being best for us. For one, Amy was only 7lbs 13oz at birth and too teeny for our one-size diapers.  Second, we wanted to simply get used to being parents first before having to figure out cloth from the get-go.  Third, our decision to do disposable from the start turned out to be the right one since I ended up getting the c-section.  There’s no way I would have been able to deal with washing in those first few weeks.

I put Amy in her first cloth diaper when she was about 3 and a half weeks old and thought it was just the cutest thing! 😉


We’ve been using cloth on her exclusively during the days, but still a disposable at night.  Why a disposable at night?  She’s still a bit teeny in the bum to fit another layer of inserts.  I do plan on experimenting with the cloth for overnight though in the coming weeks in hopes of finding something that will keep her dry for 10+ hours like the disposable does.  We’ve learned that we can’t change Amy’s bum in the night without having her wake right up. If she wakes, it can take up to an hour to get her back to sleep… hence why we’ve been a little apprehensive about experimenting with cloth at night as of yet.

Even though more than half of our stash (Funky Fluff) are 3-in-1s, I find it easiest to use all of our diapers as all-in-ones — ie. I make sure they are pre-stuffed and we essentially use them just as you would a disposable.  It just makes using them SO much easier. 🙂


Clean diapers are stored in the top two drawers of Amy’s dresser.

Dirty diapers are stored in a Funky Fluff pail liner which we keep in our Ubbi diaper pail.  I LOVE this pail because it’s aluminum so the smell doesn’t really soak in like it would with plastic.  When the pail is closed, we have no stink issues.  I actually just washed it for the first time last week (hosed it outside and let it dry in the sun) simply because I figured that I should! It really is amazing at keeping the smell contained. 🙂


I wash diapers every second day and  use this Nature Clean detergent.


We’re about 9 weeks in using the diapers and 1. still have a TON of detergent left.. and 2. have ZERO stains on all diapers. This detergent does an amazing job in my opinion.  My washing regime consists of 1 cold rinse to get the majority of the poop off (a benefit of breastfeeding is that Amy’s poop is water soluble) + 1 hot wash with detergent + 2 cold rinses. I have also NEVER put any of the diapers or inserts in the dryer. When the weather is nice, they go out on the clothes line. And when it’s not so nice out, or if I end up washing later in the day, we’ll just hang them on our drying rack and they dry no problem overnight. 🙂


Funky Fluff Pros & Cons

PicMonkey Collage


  • love the solid colours
  • double gusset helps prevent messy poop leakage
  • pretty good on the absorbancy scale
  • wash great
  • high quality


  • although these are one-size and have fit Amy since 3.5 weeks, I find it tough sometimes to get a good fit without a tremendous amount of bulk on her tummy and around her hips. If she were a chubbier baby, I think they’d fit a little better but she is very long and lean.
  • a little on the pricey side.. I got them for $17.99/ea (and got a lot as gifts), but the price is now $20.99/ea (still worth it to have some in your stash though as the quality is great)

Alva Pros & Cons

PicMonkey Collage


  • LOVE the variety in patterns
  • wash great
  • allow for a slimmer fit on Amy’s wee body
  • GREAT price in the $6-$7 range


  • not as absorbent as the Funky Fluff
  • no extra gusset and sometimes we get leaks if she has a massive runny poop

If I had to pick my favourites at this point in the game, I would say the Alva wins just by a smidge simply because they tend to fit Amy a bit better.  Although, as she gets bigger, I’m sure the Funky Fluff will top the list of favourites. Now I just need to figure out an overnight cloth solution! 🙂

At this point in the game, I think I’ve managed to say everything I wanted to say.  If you have any questions about my experiences thus far, please as away! 🙂


Oh and just because, I have to share this little gem of me and my helper as we went out to hang her diapers yesterday.



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