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Baby Amy: 2 Months

Well, Amy is technically 11 weeks as of tonight, but I’m going to back-track here and try to update this beloved blog of mine!  It’s been a long road, but I’m finally figuring out how to get her to actually take a long nap in her crib most afternoons.  She is nice and cozy as I sit here, but I’ll still try and type as fast as possible just in case. 😉


I really can’t believe we’ve already passed the 2 month mark with this little lady.  In some ways it feels like we’ve had her forever and in other ways, it feels like she just got here and is growing WAY too quickly!!!

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What Amy’s Been Up To:

– Amy had her very first doctor appointment where she got her first set of vaccinations!!! I was SO nervous going into it (as was Chris).  She wailed, but that was expected.  Thankfully she settled down pretty quickly and was actually all smiles later on in the day. I think wearing her bat girl outfit helped out. 😉 She weighed 11lbs 1oz at this appointment putting here right smack dab in the middle of the general percentile for weight. As for height.. this girl just continues to grow! She measured between the 80-90th percentile in terms of height! She certainly doesn’t get that from me! 😉


– In terms of our little evening-terror that I spoke of in her 1 month update, we were told all along that things would get better around the 6-8 week point. We didn’t believe it at that point, but are happy to report that things have started to level out a bit more. However, it didn’t just happen on it’s own. We had originally hoped that we wouldn’t have to go the pacifier route with her and held off as long as possible to avoid any nipple confusion, but around the 6wk point we couldn’t take it anymore.  We broke down and bought Amy some pacifiers and looking back now, it was one of the best things we could have done.  She was continuously getting upset and frustrated when she just wanted to sooth on my breast and was continuing to get milk.  In comes the pacifier — she is now able to soothe herself to sleep without any unnecessary frustrations. Happy Amy = happy me.

– Sleeping is also improving in so many ways. Her bedtime is slowly getting earlier and it’s also not as hard to get her to fall asleep.  She’ll wake up about 2 times in the night and now that we decided not to change her bum during those wake-ups, she’ll always go right back to sleep.  If we change her bum, she wakes up too much and it will take about an hour or so to get her to go back down.

– I’ll probably say this over and over again as each month passes, but I am SO SO PROUD to say that Amy is still exclusively breast-fed. 🙂  I consider myself very lucky to have quite the plentiful supply to keep our little lady satisfied. 🙂

– Diaper-wise, we’re still going strong with the cloth!! I promise a post on this ASAP as I really am loving it so far.

– Nap-wise, I’ve discovered that this girl likes sleeping on her tummy.  I know, I know.. you’re not ‘supposed’ to put them to sleep on their belly’s but for naps when I’m around, I don’t see an issue with it especially because she SLEEPS!


– I mentioned that she cracked her first actual smile in the last update. Well those smiles have continued more often and she has begun to develop quite the little personality – something I never thought would happen so soon.



– Oh! At 6 weeks 1 day, Amy rolled over for the first time!!! She rolled from her belly to her back.  She then went on to do this several more times in the week after, but hasn’t really done it since. The little bugger.

– I really need to write these updates more often as I am probably forgetting things.. here’s hoping I remember for next month! 😉

How I Am Doing:

I am doing really well!

Yes, I am still tired almost all the time, but I’m getting used to the ol’ wake up several times in the night routine now.  I am completely healed up and ready to start getting on the workout bandwagon again. I even made it back in the saddle for a short ride and was SO happy that my incision area didn’t hurt one bit!


The days tend to really fly by when taking care of a little one, but as busy and tired as I am, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 🙂


One thought on “Baby Amy: 2 Months

  1. She is darling. All 3 of my boys were stomach sleepers. When the choice came down to sleep on their stomach for 8+hrs by 12 weeks or sleep for only 2 hrs, I chose to let them sleep on their stomachs. Whatever works.

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