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Baby Amy: 1 Month/6 Weeks

To those out there who managed to continue on a regular blogging schedule with a newborn in the house — I honestly don’t know how you did it. Ever since Amy was born, I find it VERY hard to sneak a free moment to blog when I’m not wanting to be napping myself.  I had initially intended to do at least a post a week, but that seemed pretty difficult right off the bat…but hey, what can you do! In along the lines of my weekly pregnancy posts, I thought it would be fun to do monthly posts for Amy at least until she turns 1 year old just so we have something to look back on and to have something cool to show her when she grows up.

I obviously intended to write this post 2 weeks ago, but better late than never right? 😉


I was pretty shocked when Amy turned 1 month old…when June 23rd arrived, my first thought was something along the lines of – where the hell did that last month go?!!  And now that she is actually just over 6 weeks old, I continue to be amazed as to how quickly it’s all flying by and how FAST she is CHANGING literally right before our very eyes.


What Amy’s Been Up To:

– As of her 6 week check-up, Amy now weights 10lbs on the dot and has grown 4cm longer!! (her head has also grown by 4cm!) She has also gone completely smooth-skinned BALD just on the top of her head LOL.. but thankfully the hair is starting to grow back now. She was looking like a little old man for a bit. 😉


– She quickly went from our easy-going fresh week-old newborn, to our little evening-terror newborn! LOL … let me explain… in the first couple of weeks, Amy was fairly easy going. She slept most of the time in the day and we were on a pretty good schedule for nights as we were actually setting an alarm in those early weeks to keep her feedings on a regular schedule.  Maybe around 3 weeks, we stopped setting alarms and although she was good during the night, the evenings started to become rough.  To this day, we unfortunately dread the evening hours because she tends to use that time as her CRANKY LADY time.  Some nights it feels like all she does is fuss and cry from about 7pm until around 11pm when we finally get her down for the night.. We can’t wait for this phase to pass.

– As for sleeping at night, I’d have to say we’re pretty lucky there.  Although it’s HELL getting her to go to bed, once we finally get her to go down, things are pretty good.  For the past couple of weeks, we tend to be able to get her down for the night around 11-12pm.. she will then sleep straight through until about 4:30-5:00 when I will then feed and change her and bring her into bed to snuggle with me until about 8am.  At this early stage, we’re not to worried about making her go back down at 5am in her I love the snuggle time. 😉DSC08576

– Eating-wise, our little Amy is a breastfeeding CHAMP.  She has been exclusively breastfed since DAY 1 and I am really hoping to continue on with her at least until she’s a year old.

– I had planned all along to use cloth diapers and although we couldn’t use them from day 1 due to the little lady being too tiny, I am happy to report that we have now switched over to cloth in the daytime.  We have yet to use them overnight simply due to the fact that she’s still too teeny to load the diapers up with extra soakers.  I am LOVING them so far though! They are SO easy to use and clean. No complaints!

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 6.40.41 PM

– A cool thing worth noting is that in the past 2 weeks or so, she’s started to really start to soak in her surroundings.  It’s amazing getting to watch as her little brain matures and allows her to actually SEE things vs. looking through them.  She now obviously recognizes Chris and me. We get all kinds of fun noises and coos on a daily basis along with SMILES!!! I’m not going to lie, considering all the time she spends attached to my boob, I’m a little jealous that Chris got the first REAL smile. 😉 (this isn’t her first smile, but one of many that we get now)

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 6.35.51 PM

– She also made it out to the farm to ‘meet’ Chelsea in her first month. Funny story here — she was fast asleep when we arrived at the farm.  We put her in the stoller upon arriving and my mom took over while I went to visit with Chels.  Literally THE MOMENT my mom wheeled her into the barn, BAM eyes WIDE open! LOL She stayed bright-eyed and alert during her entire visit. I just might get my own little pony princess after all. 😉


There is obviously WAAAY more that I could write about this little stinker in regards to her first 6 weeks with us, but the post would literally be never-ending so I’m going to leave her updates at this for now.

How I Am Doing:

Well, recovering from a C-Section was definitely not something I expected to have to deal with. And of course, my recovery couldn’t be smooth sailing…..

At around 2.5 weeks postpartum, after one day of intense pain around my incision, a tiny hole split open and it started to leak.  The pain actually got better after the leak began and it wasn’t infected, so as per my midwife’s advice, I just monitored it. It was very annoying though as I had to constantly wear a pantyliner on the front of my underwear so that it wouldn’t leak through my clothes.  As of 1 week ago, the hole along my incision was still leaking and actually beginning to HURT.  I switched up my dressing to a bandaid with a ton of poly to see if that would help the wound heal up. And then… WARNING GROSS COMING UP …. Last Saturday night I went to change my bandaid before bed. When I removed the bandaid there was a large chunk of what looked like puss hanging out of my incision. Low and behold, an actual knot of my internal STITCHES had come out!!! How gross is that!?! It took just over 3 weeks, but my body was obviously trying to push out that stitch all along… and the wound has actually been getting better every day since!


Where does this leave me and my postpartum workout plan?

Well, I had originally planned to do Jillians 30 Day Shred and Ripped In 30 again since it worked so well for me before I got pregnant.  Unfortunately, now that I had to undergo major surgery, I can’t begin that plan right away.  The general rule is to wait until 6 weeks postpartum to start working out and although I am there now, I am waiting until my incision is 100% healed before I start working out.  I have been trying to go on daily walks with Amy to tide me over, but believe me when I say that I CAN’T WAIT to get started on a workout routine again!  I desperately need to build up my muscle mass again as I seemed to have lost it all in my butt and thighs! And well.. it would be nice to tone up the little post-baby pouch too so that I can hopefully button up my shorts again! 😉

Surgery-recovery aside… I’d have to say that I’m doing well.  I’m TIRED, but I am trying my best to sleep as much as I can when Amy sleeps. Breastfeeding was a little rough for the first 3 weeks or so, but I can easily say that it’s actually more of a pleasant experience now vs. how it felt in the early weeks.  That fact alone makes me SOOOO happy. 🙂

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 7.06.51 PM


4 thoughts on “Baby Amy: 1 Month/6 Weeks

  1. Ufff I had something similar around 3-4 weeks pp. It was never horrible, but when I went in for my 6 wk follow up my OB managed to get the knot out easily and close up the incision using a little bit of sulfate or something like that to close it up. Worked like a charm (that makes it sound easier than it was).

    Glad to hear things are going well otherwise!!! Baby Amy is so adorable!!!

    • Wow! I’m kind of glad to hear that I’m not the only one that this sort of thing has happened to. Funny how once the knot came out, I healed right up with no issues! I am now 100% pain free. 🙂
      Amy says – “thank you!”

  2. Wow, that is terrible about C-Section incision. I’m glad that it healed up with no problems, but still!!

    Amy is so beautiful! I’m excited to see her grow and see all the different things you do with her!

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