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Amy’s Birth Story – Part 2

Look at that, I have finally found some time to type up part 2 to this crazy story. I’ll type fast in hopes that I can finish this time around. 😉

So where did we leave off after part 1??? ….. oh yes, we made the decision to go to the hospital..


We’ll just say that we arrived at the Hospital around 9am.  The 30 min drive there was, well.. interesting.  Actually, I managed the drive better than I had thought.  It was a total mind over body experience in order to keep myself calm and breathe through the intense contractions as Chris drove us down the highway.  Upon our arrival, I remember waiting in the car at the emergency room entrance as he went in to get me a wheel chair as there was no way I was able to walk in at that point.  After what felt like forever (but in reality what was probably only a few minutes), we found our way into our birthing room – which ended up being our new ‘home’ for the next few days.

The contractions just seemed to continue on their same pattern at this point, but they were getting stronger and harder… The next few hours are a big blur, but I remember trying to work through the pain in different positions on the bed and even the toilet!  I actually had crazy bruises on my left arm the next day from the blood work as the nurse actually ended up having to take my blood while I was labouring in the bathroom LOL.. For some reason though, at that point, that is where I was most comfortable.

By noon, I had been labouring HARD for 12 hours and going on absolutely NO sleep. It was at that point where I surprised myself, but in reality, I made a decision that was necessary at the time.  As per my midwife’s suggestion, I decided to opt for an epidural.  I NEVER thought that I’d be getting one, but everything was just too much at that point and I still had a long way to go… I think I was still only 5 or 6 cm at that point.  After making that hard decision, I had in my head that the epidural would come and all would be well.. but I wasn’t entirely right.

TWO HOURS later, the anesthesiologist came to give me my epidural.  Having to sit perfectly straight, while suffering contractions, while she put a needle into my back was not the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately for me, this particular anesthesiologist tried THREE times and could not get the epidural in properly. I’m not sure how much time had passed, but all I remember is that it felt like forever and I was still feeling the most intense pain that I could ever imagine. Next thing I know, I am told that a different anesthesiologist was on his way and in my mind, he couldn’t come soon enough.  When he arrived, I was happy to find out that he wanted me in a different position for the insertion of the epidural. This Dr. let me lean over a table and actually worked with me and with my contractions. Within minutes, the epidural was in and the pain was starting to go away. He was my hero at that moment.

I was around 8-9cm after the epidural was finally in, but my midwife wanted me to take advantage of the pain relief and get some rest. I’m guessing it was around 3-4pm at that point.  I think I slept for a bit and then remember that after an hr or so I was started on oxitocin to try and get my contractions going strong again because the epidural had slowed them down (surprise, surprise).  I then continued to rest some more until discomfort set in yet again as the epidural began to wear off. Upon being checked several times during this period, I was not really making any progress and there was a rim of my cervix that wasn’t thinning out like it was supposed to do.  All this time, Amy’s head was right down in the birth canal wanting to make her way out, so we decided that I’d try to push once while my midwife attempted to stretch out my cervix.  Unfortunately that didn’t work.

I’m not sure as to a time frame, but I do remember an OB coming in for a consult at one point for his opinion. He felt what my midwife felt, but since both Amy and I were still doing well, it was decided that we’d still wait it out.  Of course, as we waited, the epidural started to almost completely wear out.  I remember suddenly being in a LOT of pain again, and then feeling this IMMENSE pressure up in my ribs – which we figured was Amy’s butt. Again, I’m not sure how much time had passed, but next thing we know, my midwife explains to us that upon monitoring Amy’s heart rate, her heart had 3 delayed decelerations in a row.  She was not in distress by any means, especially because her heart rate went right back to normal, but with 3 in a row, it was something to note.  Since I STILL was not progressing that last little bit, my midwife thought it was best to call the OB for a consult again.  After she spoke with him on the phone, she explained to us that he felt at this point we’d probably be looking at a forceps delivery or a c-section. SO NOT what we were expecting!

The wait for the OB to arrive seemed like forever at this point. I’d say that the epidural had almost completely worn off and I was in an immense amount of pain.  I felt exhausted and although it had been the farthest thing from my mind since becoming pregnant, I was actually hoping that the OB would say that a c-section would be the way to go at that point.  He probably arrived around 7pm and after a quick check, deemed that a c-section would be the safest way to bring Amy into the world as an attempted forceps delivery posed risks to my cervix that just weren’t worth risking.

Although I wasn’t considered an emergency by any sense, the OB called in his crew and the ball began rolling immediately to get me ready for surgery.  I welcomed the anesthesiologist at this point as I was in such pain again and was SO happy when he administered the anesthesia for the operation.  I was frozen pretty much from my armpits to the tips of my toes and it was actually a nice change as I felt relaxed considering the circumstances.  I hadn’t really researched c-sections at all because I was SO POSITIVE that I’d be delivering Amy naturally, but I had a general idea as to what was going to happen.  Looking back, I would have thought that I’d be absolutely TERRIFIED as the rolled me in to the OR, but I actually felt relief at that point because that OR meant the end of the hellish day .. and hey – I was FINALLY going to meet my little girl!!!

As they got me all set up in the OR, they got Chris all dressed in some scrubs and he was brought in before the surgery began.  Again, I thought that I would have had a freak out or something in the OR, but having him at my head helped keep me surprisingly calm.  I did not feel ANY pain whatsoever, only some crazy pressure.  Before we knew it, at 8:40pm on May 23rd, our little Amy was being held over the curtain for me to see as the OB confirmed we did indeed have a little girl!! I finally had my first quick glimpse of Amy before funny enough, a drop of blood fell right off of her into my eye!! LOL  They brought her to a table at the side of the room and I remember telling Chris to just go wherever she went!  …… and then she WAILED!!! It was music to my ears.

I had really wanted immediate skin-to-skin time with Amy after birth, so I was kind of sad that it wouldn’t be entirely possible due to the surgery. BUT, as soon as they gave her the quick once over in the OR, my awesome midwife brought her over to me as I was being closed up and I had some quality cheek-to-cheek time with my girl before my midwife and Chris took her back to our room to be weighed and have her apgar tests done. — she passed everything with flying colours and weighed 7lbs 13oz. Perfect! 🙂

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 1.29.13 PM

I’m not going to lie.. it kind of sucked having to stay back in the OR while they took Amy away right after she was born. But thankfully they got me all closed up and cleaned up pretty quickly and I was rolled back into my room.  The moment I was in the room, Amy was brought to me and we had our good hour of skin-to-skin time.  I can’t even describe that feeling..

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 4.37.54 PM

Although she was a little on the tired side, we tried breastfeeding during this special time and she pretty much had it figured out from the get go. Lucky for me, I was a bit frozen even in my boobs!!! So, at least it didn’t hurt on the first shot. 😉

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 4.40.00 PM

When it was all said any done, it was a pretty crazy whirlwind of an experience that went NOTHING like I had imagined.  I felt some of the worst pain of my life, but looking back I can easily say that other moms are right.  As bad as it was at the time, my brain has already blocked that intense pain as no matter how hard I think, I don’t remember what it really felt like and for that I am VERY glad.  Regardless of it all though… despite how she got here… Amy arrived safe and sound and 100% healthy.  I’m still working on the physical healing from the unexpected surgery, but it’s no matter because she’s PERFECT in every way. xo


4 thoughts on “Amy’s Birth Story – Part 2

  1. AWHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Loved love loved this …. I am only 19 weeks so hearing this has me guessing. I would love to do a natural birth but only time will tell.

    • Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!! I can only hope that you get the natural birth you are hoping for! My only advice – research EVERYTHING though just in case because from experience, I have learned that you NEVER know how it’s going to go until you’re in that situation. 🙂

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