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Amy’s Birth Story – Part 1

Well, well, well… we’ve successfully managed to keep Amy alive for 4 weeks! Woooo!!!! 😉

Finding moments where she’s sleeping and I’m actually not napping.. all while having free hands come very rarely these days, so I jumped at the opportunity to finally post Amy’s birth story for those interested. ….I actually have her sleeping in the Moby Wrap right now for only the second time ever!


Anyway, this is going to be a pretty long and winded story, and well, Amy only sleeps for so long… so you’re getting this story in parts. 😉


The story begins on the evening of May 22nd.  I went for my 40 week midwife appointment that night for 6pm – one day after my due date.  Everything was still looking great and Amy was nice and cozy inside my belly not really showing any different signs from the previous week to let us know she was ready.  At my 39 week appointment, I had a stretch and sweep done (google if you’re unsure what that is) and it was determined that I was barely 1cm dialated, but Amy’s head was down in my pelvis ready and waiting.  One week later at the 40 week appointment, I opted for another stretch and sweep to try and get things moving.  In that one week there was still no change and I was still at 1cm.  I’m not going to lie, I left the appointment feeling a little defeated with the lack in changes. But, I left with instructions to try and get labor moving.. one of which included going to eat some greasy food. Needless to say, we went to our favourite burger joint that night and I ate a big burger and a massive serving of poutine. 😉

Upon returning home that night from supper, I spent about 30 minutes or so bouncing on my yoga ball before finally deciding to give up for the night.  I didn’t feel any different and fell right to sleep expecting to wake up in an hr or so to go pee.. as in my entire last month of pregnancy I was up pretty much every hr in the night to pee.

At about 11:50pm that night.. so maybe 1.5 hrs into my sleep, I woke up. I thought that I had to pee at first, but when I moved, I felt a slight trickle you-know-where and immediately realized that I was NOT peeing myself. The greasy food actually worked!!! .. or maybe the second stretch and sweep.. 😉 Regardless, my water was breaking!!  I woke Chris and whisper/yelled at him to toss me every towel he could find.  I piled the mound of towels on the carpet next to the bed and stood up.  The moment I stood up.. GUSH!!!! Just like the movies.. LOL SO MUCH FLUID.. it wouldn’t stop!!  Funny thing, at that point I felt nothing! No cramps, pain.. nothing! Just fluid pouring out.  Once the bulk of it was out, I carefully made my way to the tub to have a quick shower and then it began. Contractions.

In our Lamaze classes, we learned all about the different stages of labour and how contractions will start maybe 10-20 min apart and build gradually.  We even had instructions from the midwives saying that if my water were to break in the night, to take some Tylenol and Gravol and go to sleep. Well… I wasn’t having any of that.

From the moment my water finished breaking, my contractions began… they were lasting about 1 minute long and coming every 2-3 minutes.  I had no small 30 second contractions… no 5-10-20 minute breaks in between!!! It all came so fast and furious right from the get-go.

Along with our instructions from the midwives, we had the general one saying to page when the contractions were about 5 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute for 1-2 hrs… well I seemed to have skipped that part, but we decided to wait it out and see what happened.  I started labouring down in our kitchen, leaning on the counter during contractions and just trying to get a feel for them. They were ‘manageable’ at that point so we just waited it out.  While waiting we started trying all of the different labour positions that we learned about in our classes. And well, unfortunately positions that felt GREAT in class, just did not feel good AT ALL during actual labour. Boo!! 😦  I actually spent most of my contractions standing and either leaning on Chris or into a piece of furniture.

By about 3am I believe, so 3 hrs into it all, we paged our midwife.  She came shortly after to assess me and see what was going on.

Things get a little fuzzy from here on out, so of what I can remember, this is how it went…..

When she arrived, I had only progressed to about 2cm — I remember feeling totally BUMMED because of the fast and furious contractions… My plan to do the birth naturally was really starting to scare me simply because of the intensity of the pain already and I was only at 2cm!!  She gave me a shot of Gravol to try and help me relax and at least have the ability to doze off in between the contractions.  And then she left us with orders to page again when they got more intense.  I remember at that point thinking – WHAT?! they’re already intense!!!

So then I tried to continue my labour in the shower.  I probably sat in the shower for 40 minutes or more with the water beating down on my back while I dozed in and out. I’m not really sure exactly what happened from here on out, but I’m pretty sure I stayed labouring either in shower or in bed from this point on because it was getting more intense.  I remember Chris finally calling my parents around 6am because we knew they’d be up (we didn’t call anyone in the night) and when he was on the phone I was laying in bed. Then out of nowhere I had to yell at him to get me a trash can as I was going to be sick.. sure enough… :S That wasn’t fun.

Shortly after, Chris paged our midwife again and she came back to see how I was doing.  Upon her return, I was about 5cm and the call was made for us to head to the hospital as it was a 25-30 minute drive from home. The timing here is a little fuzzy, but we either left for the hospital at 9am, or arrived at the hospital around 9am………

… be continued. 😉



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