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Baby Amy: Week 1

As cheesy as it may sound, I never believed how much my life would change for the better once Amy finally arrived.  Putting her arrival into this world aside (and yes I WILL post her birth story soon!), and aside from a couple of difficult nights (which are to be expected) she couldn’t be more of a perfect addition to our little family. 🙂


In some ways, it seems like the last week has been crawling on by – which is fantastic!! But in others, I can’t believe that our little one is ALREADY 1 week old! Honestly, where did the time go?

After spending about 3 days in hospital, Chris and I were finally able to bring Amy home Sunday just in time for lunch.  To our surprise, we were actually VERY nervous as we were leaving the hospital. Hearts pounding, butterflies in the stomach.. the works!  We learned a LOT from the fantastic nurses at the hospital, so I can only think that it was natural to feel how we felt.  Funny enough and again to our surprise, things have actually been SO MUCH EASIER since being home!!  The influx of visitors since she arrived has been a bit much at times, but those moments when we get to relax just the three of us are perfect.


Eating-wise, I have been very successful with my plan to breast-feed thus far.  Amy is quite the foodie (as expected) and is an eating champ!  So much that she re-gained her birth weight and even surpassed it in only 2 days!!!  She was born 7lbs 13oz and when we left the hospital Sunday, she was 7lbs 4oz – a normal loss.  Well, my midwife came by for a check-up on Tuesday and was shocked to find she was already 8lbs on the dot in only 2 days!! LOL Apparently it can take 1-2 weeks for newborns to surpass their birth weight! … not our girl! 😉

Sleeping-wise, well she sleeps almost all the time with only a few ‘awake’ periods during the day and of course at night when we are the most tired and want to get our sleep.  We’ve had some VERY rough nights (the worst being in the hospital), but overall, we’re working on trying to build on a schedule leading up to Chris going back to work on Monday.  We’re getting close to having a wake-up/feeding time right around when the alarm goes off for him to get ready for work, so here’s hoping it’s not too hard come Monday morning.

Overall, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at this for now.  We are both absolutely head over heels in love with our new daughter and already can’t imagine a life without her.

Stay tuned for the birth story —— to come the next time I can take my eyes off my beautiful babe for a few minutes. 😉


3 thoughts on “Baby Amy: Week 1

  1. It appears that our beautiful Grand Niece is absolutely a ‘daddy’s little girl’ (especially where eating is involved). We look forward to meeting her in person. Andy also it would be great for a Daddy and Amy photo along with a Family shot. Love Margot & Mike.

  2. I LOVE HER! and you 🙂 I think if you can breast feed you should for the simple fact that the boob is always there and that it’s free 🙂 lol

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