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My Pregnancy: 40 Weeks – DUE DATE!!

As much as I had hoped the little lady would grace us with her presence a little early, deep down I think I knew all along that I’d be writing this post…. As I sit typing this on my due date, I am REALLY hoping that the next post will finally be a baby announcement!!


What Baby Is Up To:

Well, considering Baby Center seems to think I have a newborn right now, there’s not much ‘official’ information to put here this week. Essentially she’s just chilling until she’s ready to come out into the world!

How I Am Feeling:

Physically – still pretty exhausted due to lack of sleep.. and sore/achy carrying around this HUGE belly!!

Emotionally – very anxious and excited for the big day.. at times impatient and also frustrated when I seem to get small signs that point to possible labour which then only fizzle out. I know she’ll be here soon, but right now this playing the waiting game is pretty hard.

How My Body Is Changing:

Although it’s not entirely easy to see in this photo, I assure you that my belly has definitely dropped in the past week. We noticed most of the dropping over the weekend.  AND unfortunately, with the belly dropping came the dreaded stretch marks.  I can’t believe I lasted right until the end with none and then BOOM!  As each day passes, my belly drops just a little bit more and the stretch marks creep up just a little bit higher.  It was inevitable, but I am hoping that they won’t be too noticeable once I get back into shape this summer.


And because I am HOPEFULLY at the end of this journey (watch I probably just jinxed myself and will be typing a dreaded 41 week post next week… lol) …. here’s a CRAZY comparison photo showing my belly at 4 weeks – the day we found out about the pregnancy, 20 weeks and now 40 weeks.  I can’t believe I was actually THAT tiny!!! LOL


Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: I’m not really weighing myself anymore, so I’m going to go by last week’s weight as my final.  Starting weight = 122.8 / finishing weight = 156. Total weight gained in pregnancy = 33.2lbs.  My target was to be between 25-35lbs, so I am SOOOOO happy that I achieved that goal!!
Food Cravings: Ice cream, soft serve.. you name it. That has been my weakness throughout the pregnancy.
Food Likes/Dislikes: Just salmon.
Baby Items Purchased This Week: No baby purchases this week… Too busy waiting for the wee one to arrive!!!
Clothes For Me: It’s been interesting trying to dress myself comfortably these past few days with the summer temperatures we’ve been having considering I don’t have any summer maternity clothes!!! Thankfully I can still fit into a couple pairs of my workout shorts!
Workouts/Activity This Week: Walking!! We’ve been trying to walk this baby out!
Sleep: Sleep sucks thanks to my massive HEAVY belly! … and the fact that she’s pressing right on my bladder now. I am literally up every hour on the hour at night time to get up and pee.  My midwife suggested I take gravol at night to try and sleep longer, but it doesn’t seem to help.
Movements: Baby seems to be much busier these days! Her movements are borderline painful and they make me want her OUT even more!!
Appointments: Midwife appointment went great last week. Although I’m not going to go totally into detail due to a little TMI, I will say that I had a stretch and sweep done (google if you don’t know what it is) in attempt to try and bring on labour, but it obviously didn’t work!  Hoping to give that another go at tomorrow’s appointment if labour doesn’t start before then!  That aside, baby is still doing fantastic! She continues to measure bang on where she should be with a perfect heart rate.  Oh and her head is way down in my pelvis right where it should be. What a good girl. 😉

Now we just continue to WAIT!!!


6 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 40 Weeks – DUE DATE!!

  1. OMG! you look great. I love that dress! I hope the baby comes soon. I cant wait to read all about it. my prediction is……You will have the baby on Thursday in the AM.
    Good Luck!

  2. I didn’t get stretch marks until my last two weeks either. I was pissed. lol
    You look fantastic and I love your dress!

  3. Ah I’m excited! Even as I post you could be popping that little cutiepie out!

    Damn annoying about the stretchmarks, I’d be uber annoyed! Another reason to hope for an early birth I suppose

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