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My Pregnancy: 39 Weeks

Today we have reached 39 weeks and this baby will soon be getting her eviction notice!!! 😉  I know, I know… the longer she ‘bakes’ the better for her health and growth. But damn!! I’ve pretty much had enough at this point. I just want the little lady in my arms already!


What Baby Is Up to:

“Your baby is waiting to greet the world!  The average baby is about 51cm (20in) long from head to toe and weighs about 3.4kg (7lbs 8oz) at birth.  Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls but if your baby is anywhere between 2.5kg and 3.8kg (5lbs 8oz to 8lbs 6oz), that’s a healthy weight.  Your amniotic fluid, once clear, is now pale and milky. This is because your baby has been shedding the greasy, white substance (vernix caseosa) which has been protecting her skin.  The outer layers if skin are also sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

And if the week passes and there’s still no baby? Don’t panic — only 5 per cent of babies are born on their scheduled due date. Most doctors wait another two weeks before considering a pregnancy overdue.” From Baby Center

How I Am Feeling:

Physically: Exhausted, heavy and sore.  Thank goodness I am able to nap whenever I want these days because I’d be a complete wreck if I were still working. The physical state I am in now makes me SO look forward to getting back into shape once the baby gets here. I never thought it would be THIS HARD to carry around all of this extra weight.

Emotionally: SO VERY READY.  It’s becoming harder and harder to relax and be patient at this point.  I’ve been off work for just over a week now and have finished the majority of my ‘to-do’ list.  I just want to hold the wee one in my arms now vs. feel her banging around in my belly.

How My Body Is Changing:

Although it’s not completely evident in the photo, my belly has definitely begun to drop in the past week.  I can feel this mostly when trying to walk around as the belly seems to be hanging lower and putting more pressure on my pelvis.  I’ve definitely got a waddle going on here. LOL  I’m also getting a bit puffier all around.  I did take my rings off a few weeks ago and was noticing some swelling in my legs/feet during my last few weeks of work, but these days, I tend to stay puffier most of the time. Hopefully this all means labour isn’t too far away!



Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: As of now, it’s 33.2 lbs so far— (starting = 122.8 lbs/current = 156 lbs) Right on target!!! 🙂
Food Cravings: No real cravings in the past week.
Food Likes/Dislikes: Only thing that sounds bad to me is a filet of salmon… everything else is fair game!
Baby Items Purchased This Week: I bought a pair of baby nail scissors in preparation for some potential newborn claws! 😉  We were also gifted a beautiful basket filled of goodies from Chris’ work. SO amazing!!!
Clothes For Me: Spent the rest of my Thyme maternity gift card yesterday for some nursing pjs/lounge wear.  I can’t wait to fit in my normal clothes again!
Workouts/Activity This Week: Let’s start counting walking around running errands and working outdoors the workouts these days. ;)
Sleep: Sleeping at night is almost non-existent.  Thank goodness for naps!! I’ve been napping 2x a day and I wouldn’t be getting by without them.
Movements: Baby is still keeping busy on her regular schedule these days.  As she gets bigger though, the movements are hurting more and more. Another reason why she’s more than welcome to join us on the outside world any time now!
Appointments: Had an easy peasy midwife appointment last Wednesday. Baby is still head down with her head pressing deep into my pelvis.  Her heart rate is still perfect and she’s measuring dead-on.  As for me, blood pressure is perfect, urine test perfect, and I got my GBS results — they came back Negative!!!! This means that I will not need any sort of antibiotics in labour.. which also means, my hope to labour at home for as long as possible has become more of a reality providing nothing else goes on. Good News!!! 🙂
I don’t really have any more random stats for this week as I’ve just been playing the ol’ waiting game.  I really can’t believe the end is already pretty much here! It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was telling you all about this pregnancy in the first place!!
Chris and I are really hoping that our girl decides to meet us this coming weekend, but we all know that this isn’t something you can really plan for.  She’ll be here when she’s ready, so there may or may not be a 40wk update in a week!  On that note… time for me to have a nap. 😉

3 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 39 Weeks

  1. I think Ive already gained 30lbs 😉 lol You look SO amazing!!!!!! I’m beyond excited for the baby arrival!!!!! get some rest….I know everyone says it – but you’ll never know sleep like a baby-free/kid-free sleep again!

  2. All sounds pretty exciting! Can’t wait for the phone call! Good luck sweetie, you’ll be great!!
    Luv Great Aunt Lise ( I think that makes me sound older tha Gramma Lise ) xoxoxo

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