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The Nursery: Final Reveal!

FINALLY, I feel like the nursery has reached a point where I can show it all off to you, my lovely readers. 😉  The only thing that we are missing still is a diaper pail, which I hope to have some time in the next week or so.  I wasn’t going to wait for the pail to show you all the after photos, so without further ado – this is what we’ve been working oh so hard on in preparation for our little lady. Hopefully she’ll love it! 🙂
















This nursery was a pure labour of love filled with some items that we hold so very near and dear to our hearts and I really can’t wait to bring the wee one home into this space.

The whole reason that it took so long was that I am a HUGE fan of DIY’ing and my projects tended to take a little longer than expected.  You already know that I refinished the dresser, but I also made each and every one of those pom poms, the pillows and the butterfly mobile.  As for the gorgeous pouff, I thank my mom (or should I say Baby girl’s Nana) for that one.  I simply purchased the fabric from Etsy and my mom sewed up the pouff.

The smaller coloured art prints on the shelves and the walls came from Ikea, but I printed off the bigger ones myself.  I saw a print with the saying “Dream Big Little One” on Pinterest a while back, so I created my own print which is hung on the same wall as the pom poms.  As for the Mickey Mouse one, I found and printed it off of Pinterest.  We went to Disney World as a family the week after we found out about the pregnancy, so I thought it was only fitting to include some Disney stuff into the room.  The quote on the print is one from Mr Walt Disney himself – “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” I love it.  Oh and you’ll see a horse shoe hanging on the wall near her closet.  That shoe belonged to Chelsea and I hung it up for good luck. 😉

In terms of the more special touches in the room, you will see those on the shelf above the dresser/change table.  The My Little Pony statue was a gift from my cousin many years ago.  It had actually been a fixture on my desk at work, but I thought it would be better in the nursery.  I had to include something horse-related!!!  The Cinderella statue was actually one that I had gotten on my very first trip to Disney World when I was only 6 years old.  When my mom handed to me a few weeks ago, I knew it needed to be on the shelf.  There’s also a nice classic piggy bank which was a gift from my grandmother.  She gave baby that piggy bank the day after I told her about the pregnancy and we’ve been adding change to it ever since!

And then there’s the fancy gold purse…  That purse is probably THE MOST SPECIAL thing in this entire room and that is because it belonged to my sister-in-law Katie who passed back in December.  A couple of months ago my brother had asked if I wanted any of her purses and when I said yes, I knew right away that I would be putting one in the nursery.  In my mind, the nursery would not have been complete without a touch of Katie in it.  This way I can smile and think of her every time I go into the room. 🙂

I’m not sure what else to say about this room except for the fact that I am SO glad it’s finally done.

The only thing I really have left to do now is get my hospital bag packed and then I’ll be all ready for this little one to FINALLY arrive!!!!


11 thoughts on “The Nursery: Final Reveal!

  1. Not only is it obviously adorable but I love how many special, personal touches are in the room. It’s so full of love already and there’s nothing better than that. ❤

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