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My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

Today is my second day on maternity leave and reality is starting to set in.  It feels odd being home from work without Chris and not being sick, but reality is starting to set in. Baby is coming SOOOOO SOON!!!!!!


What Baby Is Up To:

“Your baby is now ready to greet the world. At this point, the average full term newborn is still building a layer of fat to help control body temperature after birth. Most babies are between 2.7 and 4.3kg/6 and 9 1/2lb at birth and boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls. All your baby’s organs are developed and in place though her lungs will be the last to reach full maturity.

Wondering what colour your baby’s eyes will be? Most Caucasian babies are born with dark blue eyes and their true eye colour — be it brown, green or blue — may not reveal itself for weeks or months. The colour of your baby’s eyes in the first minutes after birth won’t last — exposure to light changes a baby’s initial eye colour.” From Baby Center

How I Am Feeling:

Physically – Still pretty tired and sore.  The fact that I am off work now is beneficial for the sleep department – as in I’m not really making any plans and am napping when I feel like it.  Yesterday, my first nap happened at 7:30 .. today it was at 7:50 LOL.  My hips and legs are starting to get much more sore though, but that is to be expected this close to the end.

Emotionally – After a few more days of rest, I will be SO ready to meet this little one.  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little scared about the whole unkown of labour and delivery, BUT overall I am READY. The classes helped IMMENSELY and I pretty much feel fairly relaxed and excited for the whole thing. Bring it on baby!

How My Body Is Changing:

As soon as I think my belly can’t stretch out anymore, it seems to continue to grow.  I spoke too soon a little while ago when I said I didn’t have any stretch marks yet, because some very faint ones have begun to show this week on the lower part of my belly. I can’t say that I am surprised though. I’d honestly be shocked if I ended up with none because my skin just keeps on stretching!! I continue to slather on the lotion though so hopefully they won’t be too bad once baby is born and I’m back into shape. 😉



And now, are you ready for what’s coming next????? 😉

I haven’t spoken about this much yet, but if you’ve been following my blog long enough, it shouldn’t come to a surprise that I obviously have a post-pregnancy workout plan to get back into shape once I get the go-ahead to do so.  With the help of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and Ripped In 30, I was able to get myself in the best shape of my life before becoming pregnant.  Since the combination of those programs worked SO well for me, my current plan is to do those programs this summer in attempt to get my new mommy body back as close as I possibly can to how I had it before pregnancy.

So with that being said…… Since the baby could really come at any time now, we decided to snap a weekly belly shot with my workout gear on to use as part of my before/after series post baby. (You didn’t think I was going to tackle a post-pregnancy workout plan without blogging about it did you?)

Here’s where I am now.  It makes me laugh to see how huge my belly really is! 😉


Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: No weigh in since last week. So as of now, it’s 32.4 lbs so far— (starting = 122.8 lbs/current = 155.2 lbs)
Food Cravings: Cookies. So I made some yesterday. 😉
Food Likes/Dislikes: Only thing that sounds bad to me is a filet of salmon… everything else is fair game!
Baby Items Purchased This Week: Thanks to a clearance sale at, we purchased a high chair this weekend! Yes, we won’t be needing it until the fall, but we figured that we might as well take advantage of the sale! It will just sit in storage until required.  I just LOVE the modern look to this!
Clothes For Me: When it comes to clothes, it’s pretty slim pickings in my closet these days.  There’s NO WAY I’m buying any more maternity clothes at this point though!
Workouts/Activity This Week: Let’s start counting walking around running errands and working outdoors the workouts these days. 😉
Sleep: Sleeping at night seems to be getting worse and worse. I am up pretty much almost every hour… peeing 5-6 times in the night. We’re almost there though!
Movements: Baby is still exactly where she should be — head down. And has also remained in her comfy position of back/butt to my left and feet/hands kicking/poking to my right. 😉  She squirms around on a regular basis and just LOOOOOVES when I eat.  Here’s hoping that I’m baking another little foodie here!
Appointments: Another uneventful midwife appointment last week.  As mentioned, baby’s head is still down, her heart is great and she’s measuring right on track.  My blood pressure is still text book perfect and now we just wait for my GBS results.  They didn’t have the results back as of last Wednesday, so I should be finding that out tomorrow.
Nursery Progress: Well, I can finally say that the nursery will be done this week!! Well.. pretty much done.  I did want to wait to get our diaper pail before posting my final nursery photos, but I’m too impatient to wait as I probably won’t be getting it until next week.  So stay tuned!  The final nursery reveal will come tomorrow or Thursday. In the meantime, if you missed it yesterday, here’s a sneak peak of my mobile! I made this sucker all by myself! It was a very long and tedious project, but I am SO happy with the final results!

3 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

  1. awe you got the high chair! woot i think it’s a cool design too hopefully it’s a good chair. love the mobile, can’t wait to see the whole nursery!

    • funny enough, we were going to order the high chair a few weeks ago when you pointed it out to me! the day we went to order it, they no longer had stock!!! .. then on Saturday I noticed they had 10% off clearance again, so I thought I would look and low and behold, they had 3 more in stock! I should come today or tomorrow. 🙂

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