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My Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

36 weeks and starting to feel like I’m just about done with this whole pregnancy thing. ūüėČ


What Baby Is Up To:

“Your baby is still gaining weight — about an ounce/ 28 grams a day, as she takes up every bit of space in your uterus. She weighs nearly 6 pounds/ 2.7 kilograms and is 19 inches/ 45 centimetres long from head to toe.
The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day.¬† Babies between 37 weeks and 42 weeks are considered full-term.¬† A baby born before 37 weeks is premature and after 42 weeks is post-term.¬† Baby will also probably be in a head-down position now.” From Baby Center

How I Am Feeling:

Physically РI am just exhausted from lack of sleep, and am achy constantly.  By the end of the day I find myself pretty sore and have been experiencing a bit of restless leg syndrome which drives me nuts.
Emotionally – I am excited and almost feel ready.¬† I’m sure if we actually get the nursery done this weekend, I’ll be feeling much more ready this time next week. ūüėČ

How My Body Is Changing:

It’s ALLLLL in the belly!! Just when I think there’s no longer any more room for baby girl to grow, my belly just stretches out even more!¬† It’s starting to make it pretty awkward to move around!

Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained:¬†1.8 lbs in the past week, making it¬†30.6 lbs so far‚ÄĒ¬†(starting = 122.8 lbs/current =¬†153.4 lbs)¬†
Food Cravings:¬†Extreme Pita’s new Spring Fever pita — craving satisfied.
Food Likes/Dislikes: Only thing that sounds bad to me is a filet of salmon… everything else is fair game!
Baby Items Purchased This Week:¬†With the two amazing showers done, Chris and I hit up the stores¬†to pick up some of the last things on our list.¬† We bought 2 crib sheets, a cover for my Boppy¬†pillow, a change pad cover, some wash clothes, laundry detergent¬†and a little baby hair brush. Here’s a shot of the sheets and Boppy cover that we got at Target.
Clothes For Me:¬†I’m starting to run out of things to wear!!¬† My¬†early mornings are definitely spent scrimping through my closet for things to wear to work, so thankfully I only need to worry about that for 8 more days! (yay!)¬† Also finally bought a couple of nursing bras at Target.¬†¬†I had been holding out on nursing bras until we¬†could go to Target and am SO glad¬†I waited.¬† I¬†found some really nice ones for only $19.99/ea which is awesome considering they run closer to the $50 mark at Thyme maternity!!
Workouts/Activity This Week:¬†Well I never thought I’d say this, but simply grooming Chelsea seems like a major workout these¬†days… as¬†does a day of shopping.. and going up and down stairs… I get out of breath SO easily now! I can’t wait to feel like myself again in that aspect.
Sleep:¬†My sleep SUCKS.¬† Braxton hicks have gotten stronger the past few weeks and are happening more frequently at night now which wakes me up.¬† When I wake up due to being uncomfortable, I realize that I need to pee. Last night, I got up to go to the bathroom FOUR¬†TIMES! Ugh… I know¬†I’m not really going to be sleeping much once the baby gets here, but at this point,¬†I’d rather be woken up all the time by her than by my own body being so uncomfortable.
Movements:¬†I can really¬†tell that things are starting to get tighter in there for baby girl.¬† She’s still moving around all the¬†time, but the movements definitely feel more pronounced. Hands and feet often poke right out of my side these days, and I tend to get the occasional kick in the ribs- ouch!!
Appointments:¬†Last¬†Wednesday marked¬†the first of my now weekly appointments. (crazy!) Everything is still bang on where it should be. My¬†blood pressure was great, baby’s heart rate was great and she’s measuring right on track.¬† Since mine and baby’s check-up went so quickly, we had a little discussion with our midwife about her plan to get me through labour and delivery. That discussion alone gave me the ol’ – how crap this is REALLY happening feeling! But in a GOOD way.¬† I’m finding myself very relaxed and excited about the whole experience right now.¬† We also¬†finally decided, after wavering back and forth for a few weeks, that I will do the GBS (group b strep) test just so that we have a definite answer and will know more about our actual plan for the big day.¬† I’m going to be doing that test at my appointment¬†tomorrow.
Lamaze Class:¬†¬†LOVED our Lamaze¬†class this week!! We learned all about the transition stage in labour, pain managing tools, interventions and actual delivery.¬†¬†I’m not sure if¬†I’ve ever mentioned this on here, but the whole reason we¬†chose to go with midwives is because I REALLY want to¬†do what I can to have a natural birth.¬† We actually learned a lot about many negative side effects of pain medication given in labour on Sunday that just helped to solidify the decision even more.¬† We also¬†got to see an actual epidural kit (needle and all) and well.. HOLY CRAP.. just seeing it gave me more motivation to¬†try my best to avoid it.¬† Towards the¬†end of the class we also got to do some hands-on newborn care.¬† Chris got to learn how to put on a diaper (for his first time!) and then we were taught how to properly bathe our newborn.¬† That hands-on stuff isn’t usually a part of our course due to time restraints, but luckily we’re taking it with only 1 other couple so we get to do some extra stuff which is amazing!¬† Next week¬†(our final class) will be all about breastfeeding! ūüôā
Nursery Progress:¬†I would be embarrassed¬†to show you a photo of the nursery in its current state.¬† I am in the middle of doing baby laundry (all blankets, bibs, receiving¬†blankets, and bedding are now washed) and there’s just NO organization in there yet. REALLY REALLY hope we can finish it up this weekend so that I can relax once my mat leave begins!

7 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

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  2. Every week with your update I can’t help but give you a little “tip” when it comes to labour/delivery. So much information is out there but they are honestly things I wish someone had told me. Today’s lesson…When pushing, the sensation is the same as if you are the most constipated you have ever been and are having to biggest poop ever. Go with this sensation (even if you are fearful of pooping for real). I know it sounds funny (and gross) but it’s the truth. This was a little piece of information I learned from my midwife while delivering my second baby (on my bed) and was all “Oh no, I’m going to shit!” lol Lesson 2 for today – your dignity stays at the door when you are having a baby! ha ha ha

    • haha i loved today’s “tip”! ūüėČ
      i’ve pretty much already accepted the fact that i’ll most likely poop LOL we all had a good laugh about this at my apt a few weeks ago.

  3. You are still looking fabulous as usual!! ūüôā And I can totally relate to the whole baby belly thing — it just doesn’t seem possible for them to grow and stretch out any more, but let me assure you…they find a way. I’m simply amazed that any of my maternity tops fit anymore as we are stretched to the max!! ūüôā Hang in there girly, just a few more weeks and you will be holding your precious little angel in your arms! So exciting!!

  4. I’m a man and am simply amazed at how you pregnant women can be so cool and collected with this thing they call pregnancy. What with your body changes and food cravings and the million other things you need to attend to so the baby’s birth gets to be normal and healthy!

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