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Tick-tock goes the time!!!

Seriously, there just really aren’t enough hours in the day – especially on weekends when I actually have some form of energy to tackle things on my ever-growing TO-DO list.  I know, I know, newborns don’t really need much other than a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear and diapers to keep their bums dry… but still.. I am feeling like there is still SO MUCH TO DO and time is passing by faster and faster.

For the past few weeks, I was thinking that we’d finally get the nursery finished up this past weekend, but as I should have expected, there really wasn’t enough hours in the days to get what we wanted accomplished. Although I’m not complaining, because this weekend was still fantastic. 😉  My big brother came down from Ottawa for a visit and it was just awesome getting to spend some time with him Saturday to show off the big baby belly.  It was actually pretty crazy telling him that next time we see each other, I’ll be handing him his brand new niece!

And then there was yesterday. It was one of those crazy go-go-go kind of Sunday’s, but thinking back, I actually loved and soaked in every moment of it.  It’s hard to believe that Chris and I won’t be having too many Sunday’s left to spend just the two of us! Must take advantage while we can!

Our day started out at our second last Lamaze class, which I’ll talk more about in tomorrow’s update. It was great though!

Then we went for lunch.  Extreme Pita is one of our favourite places to grab lunch and the moment I saw a photo of their new “Spring Fever” pita, I knew I had to have it.  Just so you know, I first learned of this pita almost 3 WEEKS AGO!!!! I really don’t know how I went this long without trying it, but I will say that the wait was TOTALLY worth it.


I know, I know, the photo doesn’t really do the pita justice but oh man…. In the mix: grilled chicken breast, caramelized red onion, spinach and other baby greens, fresh strawberries and blueberries, dried cranberries, GOAT CHEESE (droooool) and a creamy balsamic dressing. O … M … G … this pita was SOOOO me and completely satisfied the craving. However, one just wasn’t enough and I totally see myself getting another one this coming weekend. 😉

Once the pita craving was satisfied, we continued on our little adventure and finally ended up somewhere that we’ve never been…


We are no longer Target virgins!!! 😉

Although our local Target isn’t scheduled to open until this fall, we’re lucky enough to have one not too too far away, so we planned a special trip Sunday to check it out.  We went with a specific list of things in mind, so didn’t really look through the whole store yet, but we walked away with two backs and some must-haves checked off of our list!  I scored some nursing bras at a fantastic price, and we also got some crib sheets and a cover for my Boppy pillow. A successful trip indeed!

Of course, this preggo needed to satisfy her sweet tooth post-Target visit and it just so happened that I have been holding onto a groupon for Menchies frozen yogurt that I’ve been holding onto since NOVEMBER! I really can’t believe that I’ve managed to hold off so long to use that one!


In the mix: Lemon meringue, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Cookies ‘N Cream and Cotton Candy – topped with: white chocolate chips and these little strawberry bubble things! LOL Anyway, it disappeared… into my belly… way too fast.

Can’t wait until this place opens up in our home town! (Should be opening soon!!!!)

With happy tummies, we then continued on with a trip to Babies R Us and Future Shop for a few more things before heading home.

Once we finally got home around 4pm, I got to work on some baby laundry – sheets, change pad cover, boppy cover, blankets, bibs, burp pads and receiving blankets are now CLEAN! – while Chris did the vacuuming.  We finished our day with a yummy supper and a movie before calling it a night.

As most days now, our weekend and especially our Sunday went by in a flash. But I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

And hey… maybe next weekend we’ll finally finish up that nursery of ours. 😉


2 thoughts on “Tick-Tock

  1. Aww lovely post. I love those froyo places, they’ve popped up everywhere in the very Asian neighbourhoods here in Sydney. I like where you can serve yourself the best!

  2. Yay for Target!! I would die without that place! I seriously get into trouble though when I go there, because I always end up spending at least $50 or more.

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