Thoughts Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day: 04/12/13


1. VENT – it really bugs me when some people don’t show any consideration for others.. especially when one of the others is a VERY pregnant person. No joke – one of my co-workers decided to come downstairs this morning coughing her head off all while waving her hands around proclaiming “I’m spreading my germs around”…………… SERIOUSLY?!

2. CONFESSION – there is a high possibility that I have been listening to a playlist on Songza lately called “At A 90s School Dance”. The playlist is filled with the likes of N*SYNC, The Spice Girls, Enrique, Ricky Martin(!!!), etc… It’s sad, but I have been LOVING it!! hahaha oh such a throwback. I may have been in love with the boys of N*SYNC in my early high school days… and I DID go to a Ricky Martin concert when I was in grade 10. 😉

3. HMMMM… – so I have 2 more major DIY projects to do for baby girl’s nursery and am hoping to get one of said projects completed this weekend (provided I find some free time between baby shower #2 and lamaze class). The thing is, I need to get a glue gun to finish said project. I actually can’t believe that I don’t have a glue gun yet!! Think the dollar store sells those? 😉

4. BABY BUTT – I don’t know why, but I think it’s one of the cutest things that I can distinguish baby girl’s little butt and that it fits in the palm of my hand when she presses it out.

5. WEATHER – this lack of spring weather in my neck of the woods is really starting to get to me.  I’m tired enough as it is, so it doesn’t help that the weather has been so crappy this last little while.  This past week we had a major thunderstorm, SNOW, rain, freezing rain and now rain again. It’s depressing!! Come on spring!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day: 04/12/13

  1. LOL Im sorry , it sucks what your co-worker did , but the way you put it made it sound so funny

    As for the weather, it is not the best either here, but im fine eith it for now because my parents really wanna see some snow when they arrive, so i hope theyndo get to see it

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