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The Nursery: Dresser Makeover!

I can finally say (or type) with a big smile on my face that baby girl’s dresser is now complete! 🙂

You wouldn’t believe how much I stressed over this darn dresser, so I’m REALLY glad it’s all ready to go now.

Why the stress?  Well, when I can see in my head specifically what I want, it’s really hard for me to change my mind.  Right from the get-go, I new EXACTLY the style of dresser that I wanted.  The stress started showing it’s face once I realized that I was probably going to have a VERY hard time finding this perfect dresser.  I actually began scouring Kijiji last fall and quickly discovered that pretty much every single dresser that was the style of the one I wanted was listed anywhere from $200-$800!!!! Yikes!  I really only wanted to spend $50 max, so I knew that finding the perfect piece was going to be a challenge.

The months went by with no sign of anything close to what I really wanted.

Come the end of February, I was starting to get a bit desperate because time was starting to pass by really quickly.  Finally I found something close to my vision that just needed some fixing up.  I was fine with that because I had planned on re-finishing whatever we got anyway.  The seller had said dresser listed for $80, but agreed on my $50 offer.  Shortly after agreeing to sell me the dresser though, the seller started sending weird emails basically threatening that if I didn’t get it that day (which I couldn’t – it was a Friday and we could pick it up that Sunday), it might not be there 2 days later for me to have.  The emails left me with an unsettled feeling and even though I didn’t really want to give this person my $, we needed the dresser… Well, Sunday morning came and I thought that I would take a look on Kijiji ONE LAST TIME literally when I was still in bed around 7am.

And then I FOUND IT.

This time I REALLY found the perfect dresser.

The best part? It was listed for only $20 and according to the photo was in PERFECT condition!!

I emailed about the perfect dresser right away explaining how it was exactly what I had been looking for to use in the nursery.  I probably hit refresh on my inbox about 20 times over the next couple of hours and then finally I had my response – the dresser would be mine! 🙂  Chris and my dad went to pick it up that afternoon and we were all so surprised as to how AMAZING the condition of this piece really was!  The people we purchased it from too (for only $20!!) were really nice as well, so that made me happy.

Anyway, as beautiful as it was, I still had plans to liven it up just a bit more so that it would match perfectly in the nursery.  So a few weeks ago, I took a Friday off to fix it all up.




First Step – SAND AWAY!


Not to worry, I was good and wore a mask… even though it hurt and scrunched up my face!! 😉  Thankfully the dresser itself was fairly clean so it only needed a quick sanding just to roughen up the surface a bit.


Once the sanding was complete, I gave everything a good vacuuming and we were ready to paint!  My mom helped me out on day 1. 😉

Next step – PAINT AWAY!


Are you surprised we went with WHITE?? 😉  Our overall vision for the nursery called for nice crisp, white furniture so it was the plan all along to paint whatever dresser we ended up getting white to match the crib and book-case.


My mom and I worked as a great team for coat #1. She manned the paint brush, while I manned the roller.


About 45 minutes or so later, the first coat was complete and I was SO excited for the end result!


The next day, Chris and I went back to my parents’ house to complete coat #2 together. We decided to do this refinishing job in their basement as we don’t really have the space at our house to do it indoors.

The dresser then sat at my parents’ house to cure for a few more weeks and finally this past weekend, it arrived in its new home!

It fits PERFECTLY in the nursery and I really couldn’t be happier with the finished product.



Doesn’t it look AWESOME!?!?!?!?


This dresser will also act as our change table, but as I mentioned before, I don’t want to show you all photos with final details until the room is ALL DONE so that you get the complete effect. 😉  Regardless, I could literally stare at this thing forever. It is my vision completely come to life. 🙂

Want to know the best part??

Total Dresser budget = $50

  • Dresser = $20
  • Paint = $19
  • Roller = $1

Total Spent on Dresser = $40!!! Under Budget!

And just for fun… our nursery to-do list as of this moment:

Nursery Checklist

  • clean room
  • paint walls
  • repair/paint baseboards and trim
  • paint door
  • touch up ceiling
  • clear closet/remove door
  • touch up paint in closet
  • hang bar in closet
  • purchase/install new floor grate
  • hang light fixture
  • install/hang curtains over window
  • purchase/build crib
  • purchase dresser
  • re-finish dresser
  • storage / closet organization
  • art!
  • decorations
  • dirty diaper solution
  • pillows

It’s really coming together!!!


12 thoughts on “The Nursery: Dresser Makeover!

  1. that looks awesome! amazing what a coat of paint can do
    also, i love that style of dresser too – what a steal!

  2. I love that you were able to find your dream dresser and get the whole thing done under budget! 🙂 It looks great and I think it will be a great addition to your nursery! The DIY projects are sometimes a pain, but in the end I think they will be your favorite part. At least that is how I feel when I look back at my baby’s room. 🙂

    • Oh anything DIY always ends up being some of my favourites just because of the hard work that went into making them. Can’t wait to share my FAV DIY decorations that are in the nursery! 🙂

  3. What an amazing job you did ! Good thing that first seller was a weirdo or else you wouldnt have come across the perfect one!! It looks beautiful. I wish I had the motivation to get some project like that started to help time go by quicker!

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