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A Meal-Planning App

Having recently downloaded an App on my iPod to use for our grocery list, I got to thinking about how nice it would be to have my weekly meal plan on my iPod as well.  I began my search for a free meal plan App, but wasn’t able to find what I was really wanting.

And then I found it.

I came across an app called Meal Planner.  Within this app, I could not only keep track of my meal plan, but I could also work with my grocery list AND work with what I already have on hand! …. Of course there’s an app for that!! 😉


The catch… I had to spend $2.99 to download it.  I RARELY spend money on apps, but after doing a bit of research, I quickly realized that it would be $2.99 well spent.

I’ve only used this app for 1 weekend of grocery shopping so far, but I am SO IN LOVE with it!!!  After just a week, it is THE PERFECT organizational tool that will be SO handy once baby arrives.

So what’s it all about?

Let’s start with the meal planning portion.

Within the app, you have the ability to enter your meal plan.  As you know, I only ever really plan for suppers (although I’ll have to start planning my lunches once I’m off on mat leave), but the app does give you the option to plan for every meal – even snacks!


When you enter a meal, you have the option to either import a recipe, or write-up your own.  Including the ingredients that you plan to use for each meal is a MUST

And why might that be?

The app will automatically add items to your grocery list if they are included in the meal plan, but you don’t show any stock in your pantry.  How cool is that!?


It’s obviously a bit of a daunting task to import everything that you might have on hand already (I am still in the process of doing so), but once you get that initial import complete, the app will just become that much more helpful.  With just a bit of organization, you could know what food you have on hand all the time! And to make it even easier, you can search for items in alphabetical order, categories or even shopping groups. Amazing.


Next up – your grocery list!!!

Is it sad that this new app excites me soooo much!?! 😉


First of all, although we tend to do 90% of our grocery shopping at Walmart, we do end up at other stores from time to time if there’s a sale.  Before this app, I would separate my grocery list into stores and was super happy to see that I had the option to do the same thing with the app.  So you can either look at your list as a whole, or with a little tap, see items needed at a specific store.

I realize now that I probably shouldn’t have cleared last week’s grocery list to give you a better idea, so I just re-added our favourite items to show you what it actually looks like.



While you’re shopping, all you need to do is tap next to the items as you put them in your cart and they will automatically go into the cart within the app.  LOVE this because as long as everything is showing in your cart, you know you haven’t accidentally skimmed over something on your list!


Last but not least, there is also a feature with which you can import recipes.  I haven’t even begun to look at this section yet, but what I can tell, you can import recipes in this section and then use them on your meal plan.. which will then again automatically add ingredients to your grocery list if you do not show them on hand in your pantry.

I’ll definitely have to touch on this app again in a few months after i’ve used it a bit.

Overall though, I am SO DARN EXCITED about this new tool.  Is that sad?! 😉  I strive to make weekly meal plans so that we can keep our grocery bill as low as possible.  After only 1 week of use, this new tool has already proven that it will be a big help in our money-saving goals so that is why I am SO excited about it.  If you’re wanting to get a little more organized in the meal-planning/grocery shopping area of your life, I definitely recommend Menu Planner. 🙂

*I have not received any sort of compensation for this review.. I just REALLY like the app!

One thought on “A Meal-Planning App

  1. Ooh, I’m been thinking I need to start doing the meal-planner thing… Like you, I’m not a fan of spending money on apps, though I have done so with a couple of them lately… I may have to check this one out too… Thanks for the run down on this!

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