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And A Good Friday It Was

I’m not sure how it was where you’re all living, but let me tell you… we had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Good Friday in my neck of the woods!  The sun was shining all day long and the temps rose up to 10 degrees!!!  (Celsius that is)  I had a fantastic, restful day off of work that included not one, but TWO naps (hell’s ya!) and a trip out to the farm to see Chelsea.  I haven’t shared any photos of Chelsea, or anything farm-related lately, so here’s a few shots from my little excursion.  It was definitely nice getting to go out in warm weather without having to worry about squeezing my belly into a coat!! 😉


You know it’s spring when….. See all the hair on the ground that I got off of Chelsea??!?! I got even more than that off of her Tuesday night and it’s just not stopping!


I realized I didn’t have any shots of Chelsea and me since I became pregnant… so here’s my belly shot with my girl. 😉


And here we have my pony love, miss Daisy Duke.  I’m not going to lie, I’d LOVE to get my little one up on Daisy one day… in a few years. 😉


Beautiful weather makes for HAPPY HORSES!







4 thoughts on “And A Good Friday It Was

    • Can you believe Chels hasn’t had even 1 bite of grain since Nov/2011?! Pretty much everyone you know is still there.. Chels is out w/ Filly, Daisy, Dee, Stinky, and Ariel. As for boys.. Val & Vibes, Gambler, Sleepy, TJ, Dude, Floyd (was he there yet when u were there?) and then there are a few new outdoor boarders.

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