Thoughts Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day 03/08/13


1. For the second time this week, I found myself driving with my window down at lunch time. It’s SO beautiful out there!!!! Spring is in the air and I can’t help but smile.  I loathe the cold and dreariness that winter brings, so am VERY happy to see sunshine and actually feel a bit of warmth!  The only downside…is weather REALLY makes me wish that I could be typing up my laces to go for a run this evening.  A few walks this weekend will have to do! 😉

2. I plan to tackle one of my several planned DIY crafty projects for the nursery this weekend and am excited!  I love being crafty!

3. I only have to work 4-day weeks for the next 3 weeks!! That’s all thanks to booking next Friday off (I had to use my last 2012 day), an upcoming work event the Friday after that, and Good Friday the week after that!  Then I will only have 4 more work weeks to get through before I’m off to get ready for baby!! ….I’m just a little excited. 😉

4. Anyone watching Big Brother Canada???? I still haven’t watched last night’s eviction episode (this girl can’t stay up past 10!), but I’m kinda loving Gary and how obnoxious he is!!! LOL Ah… Big Brother is so bad that it’s good!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day 03/08/13

  1. noooooooooo you love Gary?! WHY Laura WHY!!!! lol I can’t wait til he goes home so that I can watch without a major headache!
    He made me laugh a few times but okay, enough already!

    • That’s too bad that their not airing Big Brother Canada in the US! Us Canadians are lucky we get our own season and then get to indulge in the US version this summer.
      I just realized I’ll actually probably be watching the after dark stuff this summer since i’ll most likely be up with baby! lol

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