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The Nursery: We Have A Crib!

Well, I can honestly say my so-called ‘nesting’ symptoms have kicked into high gear lately because all I can really think about is getting the nursery done PRONTO!  Yes, we still have 10-11 weeks until our due date, but I have set the goal to have the nursery done about 85-90% by the end of March.  I have 2 baby showers in April (one with each side of the family), along with 4 busy Sunday mornings in April for our lamaze classes – so I know that having the room essentially done before the craziness of April arrives will make me a happy camper.

SO… even though the baseboards and door of the nursery still need fixing/touching up, we at least managed to get some furniture put together! Progress makes me a happy lady! 🙂

First up, I gave myself the job to put together a little shelving unit that we picked up at home depot for only $35 (or essentially free in our case because we cashed in my Visa points for a $100 Home Depot gift card to be used for nursery-items).


I actually LOVE putting together furniture and since this is a smaller piece, I wanted to take care of this one on my own.  I had a lot of fun up in the nursery on my own, belting out some tunes while putting this sucker together.  🙂 Now we just need to find some storage cubes that fit this unit for the little one’s toys.  Home Depot had some, but the colours were very BLAH, so we passed.

Once I had the shelving unit put together and we had some lunch in our stomachs, it was time for the job that I have been waiting about a month to do!! Crib building!!! 🙂

Chris and I are both big Amazon shoppers, so it was pretty much a given that we’d end up buying our crib from the site.  After deciding which one was going to be THE ONE (the Stork Craft Monza II), I did some more shopping around just to ensure we were going to be getting the best price.  Once my suspicions were confirmed, we got it on order!  (FYI: we paid $210 on Amazon w/ FREE shipping… Walmart has it for $277… Sears has it for $350) Only 2 days later, the giant box showed up at my office and some of the guys helped to squish it into my car – it JUST fit!!  The massive box then spent maybe a week or so in our garage, only to be moved into our living/dining room where it sat for about a month.

Finally on Sunday, we cracked that box open and began hauling all of the pieces up to the nursery.


I was actually surprised to see that there really weren’t that many pieces to deal with.  I acted as the official holder while Chris worked away at putting things together.

Once we got the end pieces assembled, my excitement started building! 😉


I was surprised after reading some reviews about how difficult he crib was to put together that we pretty much had it done in about half an hour!! Not to shabby at all!


GAH!!! I just LOVE it!!!! 😀 😀 😀

We don’t have a mattress or sheets yet, so this is the last photo of it that you’re going to see until the FINAL nursery reveal. Doesn’t it look wicked???


Oh and while I’m showing photos, here’s the shelving unit that I built. This will also be the last photo of this that you’ll see until the FINAL reveal. 😉 Isn’t the piggy bank the cutest?? That was a gift from one of baby girl’s Great-Grandmas! It was given to us way back when we first found out about the pregnancy and we have been putting change in it ever since. 🙂


Once we got the crib all put together and put into place we both stood there and said almost the same thing — It really looks like there’s going to be an actual little person living there soon!!! Seeing a crib every day now just makes it all THAT much more real… and I LOVE it! 😉

Nursery Checklist

  • clean room
  • paint walls
  • repair/paint baseboards and trim
  • paint door
  • touch up ceiling
  • clear closet/remove door
  • touch up paint in closet
  • hang bar in closet
  • purchase/install new floor grate
  • hang light fixture
  • install/hang curtains over window
  • purchase/build crib
  • purchase dresser
  • re-finish dresser
  • storage
  • art!
  • decorations
  • dirty diaper solution
  • pillows

8 thoughts on “The Nursery: We Have A Crib!

  1. that is an awesome price considering the prices elsewhere!! good job missy! i can’t wait to see it all done it’ll be so amazing i have no doubt!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog about getting ready for your little one. Thirty-One has adorable storage items that would be cute in the room, and you can put personalization on them. Can’t wait to read the final revel!

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