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My Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

I feel like I need to start counting down now. Can you believe that I only have 12 weeks to go?!  In some ways, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for SO long and am just ready for baby girl to get here. But in other ways, I feel like I need to figure out how to press a big pause button and slow things down!


What Baby Is Up To:

“By this week, your baby weighs nearly 2.3 pounds/ a little over 1 kilograms and may measure 14.8 inches/ 38 centimetres from top to toe. At about this time, your baby can open her eyes and turn her head in utero if she notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. Her fat layers are forming and her fingernails appear.” From Baby Center

How I Am Feeling:

I’m afraid this little blurb isn’t going to be as positive as past ones… 😉 To be 100% honest, I’m feeling tired.  For every few good sleeps lately, I tend to have a really bad one.  I never seem to feel rested anymore which kind of sucks. But, I guess I’ll need to get used to this since it’s only going to get worse once baby gets here, right? I’ve been surrounded by sick people lately too, so maybe my body is working on fighting off nasty germs as well. I had another muscle spasm in my calf this week too which left me with a sore calf for a few days. Oh and I’ve also realized that I hadn’t been feeling sciatic pain, but pain in my hip.  It’s become a little more prominent this week if I’m sitting down for too long.  Because of this, I have officially retired my high heels.  I’ve also been experiencing more heartburn in the past week – last night being the worst so far. Need to get me some Tums!

How My Body Is Changing:

My boobs are definitely still growing!! LOL Here’s hoping I can make it through the next 12 weeks in the maternity bras that I already bought. I’m too cheap to go out and buy more!  As for the belly, it’s definitely continuing to get thicker – as in I’m finding that it’s growing width-wise across my torso vs. outwards. I can almost barely feel my ribs now, and at times can feel baby kicks and/or squirms way over on my side! Weird!

Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: 1.8 lbs in the past week, making it 18.2 lbs so far — (starting = 122.8 lbs/current = 141 lbs (It’s SO WEIRD seeing the scale in the 140s!!! something I’ve never seen before – yikes!!)
Food Cravings: I wouldn’t say I had any major cravings this past week. I did indulge in some frozen yogurt at a new place near my parents called Yo Yos and it was pretty awesome! 😉
Food Likes/Dislikes: Still no change here. I’m eating pretty much anything/everything.
Baby Items Purchased This Week: If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll already know that we found a dresser for baby girl this week!!!  I’ve had a distinct vision in my head as to what I wanted her dresser to look like and have been scouring Kijiji like crazy for months now constantly feeling let down because every time I found something in the style I wanted, the price would be $200-800!!!! sigh… Anyway, Friday I came across one that seemed close enough and offered the seller $50 for it.  I had a response fairly quick and began setting up a pick-up time.  The seller then got weird and started saying things like “well you better call before you come as it’s first come first serve, etc..”  Sunday morning arrived and just for the hell of it, I decided to check Kijiji one more time.  And would you believe, the EXACT dresser that I had been envisioning was suddenly starting me in the face?! It had been listed less than 9 hours earlier and the best part was that they were only asking $20!!!! :O  I emailed the sellers immediately explaining that I had been looking for that dresser for our nursery and just hoped for the best.  About an hour later, I had a response saying that it was mine!!!  Chris and my dad went to pick up the dresser that afternoon.  The seller had then explained to them that it had belonged to her late mother and that she had actually had a LOT of emails/phone calls inquiring about it, but she decided to give it to us because I was the first to contact her and also because she knew her mother would like that it was going to a new baby. So sweet!  Anyway, I’ll be refinishing this sucker up in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to get it in the nursery!!
Clothes For Me: Since I decided to retire my high heels for work, I’ve essentially been living in leggings. They are just SO DARN comfortable right now! That being said, I figured I should get another pair.  So I made a trip to Old Navy last week, on the last day of their 40% off baby/maternity sale and managed to score a pair of grey leggings and a cute springy tunic. 🙂
Workouts/Activity This Week: I made it out to lunge Chelsea once this past week, helped to shovel some yucky slushy mess on our driveway and went for a 20 min walk.
Sleep: I guess I already touched on this above.  Struggling a bit these days to get a good restful sleep.
Movements: I can definitely tell baby girl is getting bigger now because I feel her little squirms SO much more now!! It’s so weird, but so cool at the same time feeling little limbs slither around in there.  Oh and she definitely has her momma’s sweet tooth now!! 😉 Every time I eat something really sweet, she starts bouncing around!! 
Appointments: No appointment this past week.  We go March 7 for our next one.
Nursery Progress: Not too  much has changed since this post. But we now have all the furniture we need and it’s just a matter of fixing up the baseboards before we start moving it all in and begin decorating!!!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

  1. Sweetie the boobs aren’t going to stop growing. In fact, if you are going to breastfeed let me quote some Donnie Brasco – “Forget about it”! 😉

    • I unfortunately needed some about 2.5 months ago, but thankfully I scored them on sale!! The plan is to hold off now until Target opens up here (one nearby should be open in April) and I’m just going to buy nursing bras!

  2. I seriously can’t believe these little ones will be here so soon!! 🙂 I hear ya on the feeling tired all the time, and not feeling very rested. I do think it’s prepping us for lots of sleepness nights to come. I’m so excited about how nursery is coming along!

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