Snow Day 2013

I know I’m a few days behind with this but hey, I’ve been busy avoiding the computer the last few days! 😉

So last Friday was an interesting day for us. It was the first time in a few years that both Chris and I decided to call into work for a snow day – ie. we decided attempting to make our drives to work in what was to be the biggest snow storm we’ve had in years just wasn’t worth the risk.

In all honesty, Friday morning, the roads were probably just as bad as they were for a drive home several weeks ago. BUT, it was what was expected to fall during the day that was holding us back.  Needless to say, we watched the sky like hawks throughout the morning actually hoping for the snow to continue falling so that our decision to stay home would be justified. Thankfully the weather people were actually right for a change!!!


As the day went on, the snow continued to fall and the wind continued to blow… I don’t even think it really stopped until about 8pm or so Friday night!

Thankfully, our kick ass neighbour kept himself busy/was having fun with his snow blower and helped us out by clearing most of our driveway (his driveway is attached to ours)– several times throughout the day.  I decided to venture out just after lunch to tackle the front porch as my workout for the day and was shocked when I had trouble even opening the door!! Check out how deep it was at the bottom of the steps!


I think we had to shovel the porch 3 times when it was all said and done.

Here’s the progression of the snow building up at our patio door as the day went on. I actually wish I had snapped an earlier shot, but at least I can say that there was no snow there before the storm started.

PicMonkey Collage

DEFINITELY glad I didn’t attempt the drive to work. I would have never made it back home!

When it was all said and done, I’m guessing that we got about 35cm total in the 24hr period. I didn’t officially measure, but here’s the shot of our patio table. The table that had nothing on it before the storm started. 😉


What a crazy day it was for weather in our part of the world… and now as I type this, it’s about +7 degrees and the fresh snow is just melting away.  In a perfect world, we won’t get any more until next winter now. 😉


3 thoughts on “Snow Day 2013

  1. seriously, that i the most snow i have seen in a VERY long time … we were in shock all day wondering if it would ever stop!! glad we stayed home too

    • some of our drifts must have been close to 29″ but thankfully those only seemed to stay in our porch area. i couldn’t imagine having to do a huge driveway!!

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