Thoughts Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day 02/07/13


1. So we ended up going to Works Burger in Oakville last Saturday with some of Chris’ work friends and their spouses. It was a great afternoon with amazing people and amazing food.  I had a turkey burger topped with goat cheese, tomato slices, cucumber slices and grated carrots – HOLY YUM!!!! I ate every last bite.

2. It’s great having awesome co-workers who look out for me.  I now have my very own special parking spot only a few feet from a special door that only I have a key for! 😉


3. They’re calling for a crazy amount of snow between now and tomorrow night. I’m not very impressed as I LOATHE snow!!! Or I should say, I loathe DRIVING in snow!!! I seriously can’t wait for next winter simply for the fact that I won’t have to drive anywhere if I don’t want to when it’s snowing like this.

4. Anyone watching The Bachelor?!!? I got all caught up on this week’s two episodes last night and OMG I can’t handle Tierra much longer!  Why do they always seem to feel like they need a crazy girl like her in the mix? She’s just too much.  I’m a big fan of Catharine – she’s super cute – and although they haven’t shown much of her yet, I hope she stays around for a while.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day 02/07/13

  1. that is so sweet about the parking spot!

    you should just take a snow day tomorrow honestly. that’s pretty much my plan!

  2. I love that little sign your co-workers made for you! That is the sweetest thing ever. The one thing I loved about living on the Army base was they have Expectant Mother reserved parking spots EVERYWHERE! It made me so excited to pull into one of those spots. 🙂

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