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My Pregnancy: 25 Weeks

Although I’m probably going to laugh at myself 10 weeks from now for making this comment, but… OMG I’m starting to feel huge!!! 😉


What Baby Is Up To:

Head to heels, baby now measures about 35cm (almost 14in). She weighs around 660g (1.5lbs) which is about the same as a rutabaga, but that’s about to change.  Your baby is beginning to exchange that long, lean look for some baby fat. As this happens, her wrinkled skin will smooth out and she wills tart to look more and more like a newborn.  She is also growing more hair. And if you could see inside your uterus, you may be able to tell whether she will be blonde, dark, or a redhead!” From Baby Center.

How I Am Feeling:

As I already mentioned about, I’m really starting to feel all of this extra weight in my tummy.  My sciatic nerve tends to get pinched from time to time lately, but thankfully I seem to be able to manage it ok.  Aside from that though, I’m doing great!  I’m still able to manage my light workouts and eat pretty much whatever I want (except for the obvious pregnancy no-no’s).

How My Body Is Changing:

Well, considering I had quite a little bump up in the weight department this week, it comes to no surprise that my belly is obviously larger yet again.  Our girl has definitely been going through a growth spurt these past few weeks!

Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: 1.8 lbs in the past week, making it 13.2 lbs so far — (starting = 122.8 lbs/current = 136 lbs)
Food Cravings: Needed something baked the other day, so I made some Oatmeal Banana Bread!
Food Likes/Dislikes: Again no change here. I’m eating pretty much anything/everything.
Baby Items Purchased This Week: First I ordered baby girl 4 more diapers online. I want to try a couple different brands, so I found a brand with fairly good reviews and picked a few super cute patterns to order. I will show them off when they arrive!  My mom also notified me of a winter clearance sale at Carter’s on Friday so of course, I couldn’t contain myself and had to go after work. (It doesn’t help that Carter’s is literally around the corner from my office either.) This isn’t the best photo, but you can see I picked her up a pair of Halloween leggings (to celebrate her daddy’s favourite holiday), a pair of navy sweats and a cute little tunic – all for $9! You have no idea how excited I am to get all of these clothes on her. 😀
Oh and we ordered a crib Sunday!!! It should actually be arriving some time today, but no photos of that until we set it up. 😉
Clothes For Me: Nothing new for me last week. Trying to hold off for when I’ll be needing some warmer weather tops. You know… when we get our early spring..  
Workouts/Activity This Week: I managed 3 workouts this week. 1 x pilates + 1 x lunging Chelsea + 1 x stationary bike for 20 min.  I really want to keep up with at least 3 per week.
Sleep: Sleeping is still going ok, but I’m really starting to have difficulty when it’s time to roll over.  It’s at that stage where I am finding I have to lift my belly and hold it as I roll because it’s just getting so heavy!
Movements: Well this past week it FINALLY happened!!!  As I got all comfy in bed one night last week and just about to fall asleep, baby girl started having her own little dance party!  Chris was brushing his teeth while this was happening so I told him to come quick. And FINALLY he got to feel her bumping away!  I thought feeling/seeing her myself was amazing, but seeing his face when he felt her the first time definitely = BEST MOMENT so far of this pregnancy.  She tends to roll around and bump on a fairly regular basis now (mostly when I’m sitting at work) and it’s awesome!
Appointments: No appointment this week.

9 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 25 Weeks

  1. awe i love the little top & leggings you got at carters – that’s a crazy deal too!! so cute!
    and woohoohoo for daddy kicks! – only time we can get away with it 😉 lol

  2. Yay for baby kicks! I’m so glad your hubs got to feel them, how exciting! Also, how fun that you guys ordered the crib and you scored on such cute baby clothes. This is the fun part!! 🙂 You look amazing, and I totally hear ya on the belly getting big it’s hard to roll over. Oh man, but it’s all going to be worth it!! 🙂

  3. Feeling the baby move so much is SO cool!

    25 weeks is about the point when is started feeling “huge”. I think now I am more used to it, but I can’t believe I still have 9 more weeks to grow. I don’t think my belly can take anymore!

  4. Hey sweetie! Regarding the sciatic pain, you might want to get yourself a pregnancy belt. I had one for Echo and it totally takes the pressure off your back. Best pregnancy buy I ever made! I could’ve used one when I had my surgery LOL!

  5. For the sciatic nerve, my midwives & yoga instructors told me to avoid crossing my legs/sitting cross-legged or standing on one leg at a time — basically, try to keep things as balanced as possible. That’s helped me a bit! Although, it changes from day to day depending on where baby’s parked in there 😛 As for that moment hubby first feels the baby, I couldn’t agree more! Best ever!!!!

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