Thoughts Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day 01/31/13


1. OMG, so no I have a full understanding what a pregnancy craving can feel like.  I don’t know what it is, but today I so badly want some sort of baked good – BAD. I wish there was a piece of chocolate or something in my purse, but my afternoon snack consists of a clementine and a greek yogurt.  I thought the clementine would help curb the craving, but no. Despite the lack of baking ingredients in my house at the moment, I think I am going to HAVE to bake something tonight when I get home. CRAZINESSS!

2. Baby girl gave me a good thump and bump show after lunch today.. one of those good shows where I could see the bumps. It was awesome. 🙂

3. What is up with this weather lately!? I haven’t been to see Chelsea in a while and although I know she’s fine and could care less, I feel a little bad. I’m not sure if going tonight with these crazy gusty winds is the smartest idea.. so I may have to postpone the visit until tomorrow.

4. Providing the weather cooperates – ie. no snowfall – Chris and I are going to meet up with some of his work friends for a late lunch at what looks like an insanely crazy burger joint. I’m pretty excited. Check out this menu!!!

5. What’s with all of the hype leading up towards tonight’s episode of Glee?? Anyone else a Glee-watcher out there?  I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and really look forward to it.. BUT this season is just “MEH”…it’s just not the same anymore…


5 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day 01/31/13

  1. I’m a fellow gleek and you’re right this season is LAME….I feel like that always happens with shows set in highschool. They just can’t go on 🙂

    and cravings! yep, that sounds like one. I never craved much during my pregnancy but one day I NEEDED peaches. As in cried when Colin said I would have to wait till the next day ….he was smart and went out and got them 🙂 I ate like 6 lol Glad baby girl is bumping around! so excited for you!

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