Coconut Buns And Chicken Dim Sum

Ok. I have a serious question to ask you.

Do you have a bamboo steamer????

If the answer is yes – awesome!! Read on!!

If the answer is no – GO BUY ONE —- NOW!!! I’ll even make it easy for you – go HERE! Once your steamer is ordered, feel free to read on and then bookmark this post as you’re going to want to try this recipe the moment it arrives. 😉

Now that we have that out of the way, I have a little story for you.

A couple of weeks ago while sitting down to lunch with my mom, she decided to show me a recipe from Jamie Oliver on one of the episodes of his latest show, Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals. The recipe revolved around the use of a bamboo steamer (something neither of us had) and involved making buns out of coconut milk and cooking chicken in under 10 minute!!! As the show progressed, it was kind of difficult to believe that beautiful fluffy buns could be made out of 2 ingredients and chicken could be cooked so fast simply with steam! All that being said, when he displayed the finished product, both my mom and I essentially had to wipe the drool off of the side of our mouths as she proclaimed that she was going to go out and get herself a bamboo steamer that very afternoon.  Lucky for me, she called me later that day to inform me that she found a sale that resulted in her getting me one too!!! Score!  The steamer sat in our kitchen for a week until I decided to put this recipe of Jamie’s on our current meal plan.

Saturday was the night that I was going to test out the new steamer and Jamie’s recipe. It just so happened that we had invited Chris’ cousins for supper, so I had some extra pressure on my shoulders to make sure this recipe turned out as well as I had hoped.  All of the ingredients were purchased and that evening, I set out to re-create what had me drooling a week before.

I knew right from the get-go that this recipe probably wasn’t going to take me 15 minutes since it was my first time creating it.  So, I decided right away that I wanted to let the dim sum mixture marinate for optimal flavour as an end result.  I also decided to add one thing to the recipe that Jamie did not use in his – GARLIC.  I let the mixture marinate for about 30 minutes or so, and once the cousins showed up, I decided to get crackin’ on this wacky recipe.


It definitely took longer than 15 minutes to cook all the way though, but that was probably because I had the steamer loaded with meat and veggies – I had 4 mouths to feed!  Regardless, I don’t think any of us cared that it took longer than 15 minutes though because the end result was mouth-watering to look at. And the taste = INCREDIBLE!!!!


Look good???

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Jamie’s actual recipe written down ANYWHERE on the web. So, I watched the episode again (thankfully my mom didn’t delete it from her PVR) and jotted it down. I did alter a few things, so here’s what I did.

What You Need:

  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • self-rising flour (you’ll use the can from the milk for 2 cans worth + extra)
  • chicken of choice; thinly sliced (I ended up using a 6 pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs)
  • 1 onion; chopped into large pieces
  • 2 carrots ; chopped into large slices
  • 1 pack of mushrooms; quartered
  • 2 cloves of garlic; minced
  • 1/4-1/3 C hoisin sauce
  • juice from 1 large lime
  • several leaves of baby bok choy
  • crushed peanuts
  • 2 green onions; chopped

What You Do:

– About 30 minutes ahead of when you’re actually going to want to do the cooking, get the meat and veggies ready to marinate

– In a large bowl, combine your sliced chicken, onion, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, hoisin sauce and lime

– Set it aside to marinate for 30 minutes or so

– Once your guests arrive and/or you’re starting to get hungry, time to get started with the buns!

– Fill up your kettle with water and set it to boil – meanwhile, place a large frying pan/or wok on the stove and get it pre-heated

– In one level of the bamboo steamer, lay out 8-9 muffin liners (this will keep the buns from sticking together) – set aside

– In a food processor, add the coconut milk and 2 cans full of self-rising flour

– Process the milk and flour until it is turned into a dough (you may need to add more flour if it’s too sticky)

– Sprinkle a bit of flour on a clean surface and remove the dough from the food processor

– Give it a little knead until combined adding more flour if needed (ie. if it’s too sticky)

– Portion it out into 8 or 9 pieces (I got 9) and place the little globs of dough into the muffin liners

– At this point, the water should be boiled and your pan should be pre-heated, so pour the boiling water into the pan (about 1 inch deep) and set the temp to HI

– Now cover the buns and carefully set that half of the steamer into the pan to start cooking away

– Let the buns cook for about 5 minutes and then grab the other half of the steamer

– Spread out the chicken and vegetable mixture into the steamer

– Very carefully (while keeping it covered), lift the buns out of the pan and set to the side – now place the chicken and vegetable mixture into the pan and place the buns on top.

– Set your timer for 7-8 minutes

– Once the timer goes, carefully lift the buns (still covered) and set aside — if you used as much chicken as me, it’s going to need a stir as mine was still a tad undercooked at this point

– If you want some green with your dish, it is at this point when you can lay some bok choy leaves on top before putting the other steamer containing the buns back on top

– Set your timer for another 7-8 minutes depending on how cooked your chicken looked

– Once the time goes, that should be it!

– If your chicken still doesn’t look cooked, just keep your eye on it as it shouldn’t take much longer. If it does look good, life the lid and check out those amazing coconut buns!!

– Serve up your dim sum with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and green onions on top (another one of my additions to the recipe)


It seems like a LOT of steps, but realistically, the hardest part was putting the dough into the muffin liners – and that was EASY!!!

When it came time to sit down and eat, I’m not going to lie… we were all a little wary about trying the coconut buns, but once we finally did… OH MY GOSH!!! They surprisingly had NO coconut taste, but tasted just like a buttermilk biscuit!! They were heavenly!!!  We were also a little wary about a chicken dish cooked solely by steam, but BOY was it ever GOOD!!!!

15 minutes or not, I don’t think anyone cared how long this meal took to make. Every single extra minute was ABSOLUTELY worth it because the taste of the dish was amazing. I also think that this is one of those recipes that will only get easier each time I make it, so I can’t wait to try it again!

Oh how I adore Jamie Oliver! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Coconut Buns And Chicken Dim Sum

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  4. Thank you for posting this recipe – like you, I couldn’t locate the actual recipe anywhere on line … lots of links though, going nowhere. Off to give this recipe a go!

  5. thank you thank you too! I was left mouth watering after this episode, bought a steamer & couldn’t find the recipe anywhere… thanks for taking the time to write it out!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this recipe, I have been searching everywhere for it. I bought my steamer today and can’t wait to try it. It looks absolutely yummy and healthy as well !!!!!

  7. Hi there, thank you for posting this recipe as I also couldn’t find it anywhere on line, very frustrating. I also wanted to ask if you know how to make the condiments that go with it ie: the pickle etc?


  8. Thank you for sharing, found this recipe through friend’s FB, I just wonder, how long did you steam the buns? because I have an electric steamer, and I plan to just stir fry the veggie. Thanks in advance 😀

  9. I watch JO’s show every Sunday. I made the dish following the recipe you posted. A bamboo steamer is a must! I use the steamers (bought 2) for other dishes as well. My 16yo son loves the coconut buns. For those of you who don’t have a food processor, like me, I just use my wonderful KitchenAid mixer and use the dough hook. I hate kneading dough or having to deal with sticky dough. My mixer does it all for me and I just use a spoon to drop the dough into the muffin cups, easy peasy! Thanks for trying the recipes out first and posting your experience. :0)

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