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Workouts: Pre-Pregnancy Vs. During Pregnancy

Now that I’m back into a fairly normal workout routine again, I figured it was a good time to make this post.

Before becoming pregnant, I had always so naively thought that I’d be one of those lucky ones who’d be able to keep up with my normal workout routine including lots of weight/cardio workouts, riding and running.  We’ve all seen/heard about those moms who were able to continue running right through their pregnancy.  I’m sure most of you have even heard of the woman who ran the marathon and gave birth right after!  I obviously never thought that I’d be running a marathon, or even a 10K race when pregnant, but a part of me thought I’d still be able to run. I also thought I’d be able to ride until I was too big to get myself up on Chelsea’s back.

That’s what I thought..And then I became pregnant

As I already spoke about in my first trimester recap post, those first few months of pregnancy were definitely NOT what I had expected.  I had absolutely NO idea how tired I’d be, or really how crappy I’d feel. During those first few months, all of my hopes of staying active during pregnancy were thrown out the window.  By leaving work at 5pm, the only thing on my mind was my couch and a nap! There was no way I was going to drag myself out to the farm to ride, or go home and hit the pavement for a run.

During my first trimester, everything I had heard and read was telling me that things would change in the second trimester, so I sat tight and HOPED.

Thankfully, sure enough, the second trimester has brought back a lot of my energy and my urge to workout. Yay!

I would say that I’ve been back to a normal workout routine (my midwife will be so happy to hear!) for several weeks now and am feeling great.  I’ve definitely had to amend those workouts and am certainly not doing what I expected to be doing at this point, but I’m moving and that’s what counts.

Pre-pregnancy, my workouts consisted of things like popping in a heart pounding Jillian Michaels dvd.. busting my way through an intense Nike strength+cardio workout.. going for a run..riding Chelsea!!!

I didn’t realize before getting pregnant that prenatal workouts have to be scaled back a bit as I can’t let my heart rate get too high. Ie. I have to be able to have a conversation when working out. Since I have done so well with Jillian’s workout DVDs, I sought out a prenatal one that I could try.  After doing some reasearch, I decided to try this Prenatal Pilates DVD.

It had some great reviews, and the idea of being able to break things up into a 10 minute workout if needed sounded VERY appealing to me. I had never done any form of Pilates before, but have heard nothing but good things when it comes to Pilates and pregnancy.

Well, after using this dvd for several weeks now, I can say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!  Hand weights are incorporated to several of the workouts, which helps to give me a little sense of what I used to do pre-pregnancy. And the stretching portion feels like absolute heaven after a long day stuck sitting in the office.  I really look forward to doing this dvd after work because it really opens up my hips and makes me feel SO GOOD!  To any pregnant ladies reading – I HIGHLY recommend this dvd!! 🙂

Sadly, RIDING is another story.  I had really hoped to ride at least until the end of this month, but I haven’t been on Chelsea’s back probably since the end of November.  The last time I rode her, I got some pretty painful cramps that lasted a few days.  I unfortunately took that as a sign and decided the baby’s health wasn’t worth any risk, so no more riding until I get the go-ahead from my doctor after baby is born. I know that my mom and Chris are very happy about this decision. 😉

Since I can’t ride Chelsea, I lunge her on a regular basis instead.  To you non-horsey folks, lunging is essentially exercising a horse from the ground using a very long rope.  You urge the horse to exercise in a circle around you.  I always get dizzy just standing in one place though, so I like to make use of the whole arena so that I am moving constantly with Chelsea.  This way we both get a little bit of a workout.  I’ve been trying to do this at least twice a week.


With the beautiful weather we had this past weekend, I took advantage and went for a WALK!  It was so weird to set out for a walk and not a run (running isn’t comfy anymore either), but I was happy to be outside moving and not FREEZING!  Honestly, I’d be out walking more if it weren’t for the dark and the cold after work hours.  I had originally planned to use my parents’ treadmill for walking, but it really is such a pain to go there after work to walk and then after working out make the trek home.  I’m just going to keep myself busy with the lunging and Pilates dvd until the time changes and after work walks become a reality for me again.  I’m pretty sure that towards the end of this pregnancy, I won’t be able to handle much more than walking!!.. or probably waddling! 😛

I sort have just babbled my way through this post, but hopefully I was still able to give a general idea of how my workouts have changed since becoming pregnant. No matter what, I am really set on continuing to MOVE as long as I possibly can until the baby gets here.  My thoughts – the more I move, the easier my potentially really tough labour will be.. and the more I move, the easier it should be for my body to bounce back and move again after the baby has arrived. It’s just a big plus right now that even if I initially don’t feel like it, working out ultimately makes me feel great!


3 thoughts on “Workouts: Pre-Pregnancy Vs. During Pregnancy

  1. I got my prenatal yoga DVD today, I’ll let you know how it is! I’m going to try and force myself to walk a min 30 minutes on the treadmill before this damn week is over! It’s not going to be easy with this sciatica, but it won’t kill me.

    Too bad I don’t live closer now, we could waddle together!

  2. I totally know what you mean about feeling weird about walking and not running. I will be walking on the treadmill and hear an awesome song and just want to run my little heart out…but I know that it won’t be long until I can do it again. I’m glad you had a more realistic outlook on fitness than I did. I just assumed that I would be able to do anything I wanted..not sure what I was thinking lol! I’ve been having issues with everything since week 9 (from round ligament pain, to shortness of breath, to feeling dizzy…). I found that yoga has been really the only consistent awesome in my pregnancy fitness. I’m glad you were able to find some other dvds that work for you!

    • It was SO warm out last weekend that I SO badly wanted to run.. boy was it tough to keep it at a walk! But then I’m glad I just walked because holy did I ever feel it in my legs and butt when I got home!! LOL Seriously, I am SO glad/lucky that I’m having this baby in May so that I’ll actually want to be outside a lot working out after she’s born!

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