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And It’s A…

After what seemed like such a long wait, I finally got to see my little one again (and Chris got to see for his first time!) yesterday morning for our 20 week anatomy scan!

Best. Experience. Ever.

I’ve read stories from women who said that their scans let them down because they were kept in the dark the entire time and weren’t able to see much or do much but I was a little worried going in. Thankfully we had one of the nicest doctors ever performing the scan and he made the experience so enjoyable!

When the doctor called me name, he first asked Chris wait in the waiting room while he did the measurements (which we expected).  I was led back to the ultrasound room and as soon as I got comfortable, the doctor tiled the screen towards me and asked if I could see it ok. Any stress or fears I felt leading up to the ultrasound immediately faded away at this point because this guy was going to let me watch everything!  He stared off with taking a quick look of baby’s head and then asked me if this was going to be our first.  As soon as I told him yes, he got up and went to get Chris! 🙂

He then let both of us watch while he performed the entire anatomy scan.  The best part was that he took the time to explain everything in detail with us.  Each time he took a photo for measurements, he explained what we were looking at which was so cool – we learned SO much!  Considering this was only my second ultrasound experience, I had no idea how much detail that we’d be able to see during this scan.  At my 11 week scan, the baby just looked like this teeny person-like blob with arms and legs flipping around.  This time, it was crazy how much more detail was visible! Ie. the moment he began, I had a crystal clear view of the spine!  When he later showed us the spine close-up, we could have counted the vertebrae and ribs if we wanted.  Throughout the scan, he also gave us some amazing looks at the brain (we could see both hemispheres), heart (we could see all 4 chambers), hands, arms, feet, legs, face, umbilical cord, etc. Again – amazing!!

After about half an hour, he asked if we wanted to know the sex (it was already noted on our paperwork) – we of course said YES PLEASE!!  So he then searched around some more and showed us a freeze frame shot taken around the pubic/hip area while pointing to a black area.  His words were something like, “See this black area under the pelvic/hip bones? See how there’s absolutely no sign of anything hanging?”


I think my heart must have stopped for a second when he said it was a girl for the second time.  When I first became pregnant, I had a dream with a baby girl in it that was SO VIVID that I was positive I’d be having a girl. But then, like I mentioned before, over a month ago, something flipped and I was convinced it was going to be a boy!  I guess my initial instinct was bang on!!! The doctor then said that he was looking the entire scan and saw absolutely NO signs of boy parts, so we’ve definitely got a little girl on our hands!! 😀 

We were then told that everything else on the scan looks great! She weighs about 365g with a heart rate of 148bpm and is right on track growth/size-wise with the May 21st due date we were given.

After that happy news, the doctor sought out to try to get us a 3D photo of our girl’s face! (We had heard that this particular clinic might switch to 3D for FREE and they did!)  Unfortunately she was playing shy at this point and kept putting her hands up by her eyes!  After many tries, this was the best shot he could get. 


It’s not the best shot because I took this photo of the actual photo. But, if you look closely to the left of the photo, you can see one hand up over an eye and then her nose and mouth!

Still can’t see it?  Here are some arrows for reference. 😉

All in all = awesome experience!

Once we had our amazing news, I told Chris I had to take him to Carter’s (baby clothes store) for the first time!  I almost went nuts over the cuteness in that store this past summer when I went to buy outfits for my cousins’ babies. I knew it would be hard to hold back with my own little one, so I actually haven’t even let myself step in the store yet since being pregnant!!  It was awesome to be able to walk in and head straight over to the baby girl section.  After only a few minutes, Chris picked out the perfect first outfit (which we later used to announce the news to our parents). 


Isn’t it the cutest thing ever!?! Gah!!! I can’t wait to see it on her!

Now after all this time waiting, we can finally start actually getting ready for our little lady to arrive and couldn’t be more excited. 🙂


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  1. thank you for the arrows on the photo hehe. I was a bit perplexed haha!! Now i see her little face!! ❤

    Laura I'm so happy for you I got all teary!!

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