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My Pregnancy: 19 Weeks

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!!  We snapped my 19 week photo yesterday, but I decided to wait until today to put up my actual update in order to maximize the lounging around + family time. 😉


What Baby Is Up To:

“The top of your uterus now reaches your belly button and will grow about a centimeter per week. The fetus measures around 6 inches/ 15 centimeters long from crown to rump and weighs about 9 ounces/ 240 grams.

He/she has started to swallow amniotic fluid, and his/her kidneys continue to make urine. Hair on the scalp is sprouting.

Sensory development reaches its peak this week. The nerve cells serving each of the senses — taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch — are now developing in their specialized areas of the brain. Nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections. If you’re carrying a baby girl, she already has roughly six million eggs in her ovaries. By the time she’s born, she’ll have about one million.” From Baby Center

How I Am Feeling:

It’s been one of those busy/all over the place weeks with the final countdown to Christmas, but in all I have been feeling great.  Still tired a lot, but overall I’m almost feeling back to normal! Well.. minus the growing boobs and belly that is. 😉  This has been the first week though with no negative symptoms so I’m pretty happy!

How My Body Has Changed:

The belly is most definitely growing full force!  It’s so weird that on a daily basis, I don’t really notice the changes so much. But wow – when I actually see comparisons from week to week, it’s so obvious!  Aside from the belly, no other real changes in this past week.


Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: 6.4lbs so far — 1.2lbs in the last week (starting = 122.8lbs/current = 129.2lbs) – something’s happening!
Food Cravings: Again, no major cravings this past week.
Food Likes/Dislikes: Still not wanting fish, but I seem to like everything else! (same as last week)
Baby Items Purchased This Week: We bought our first pack of all-natural wipes! Over 200 for about $1.40 thanks so a coupon that I had. The coupon expires next week, so we figured we might as well use it up! 😉
Clothes: I got some great tops from my mom and mother-in-law for Christmas that will help get me through the next few months. Hoping to score some more deals today at Thyme’s boxing day sale!
Workouts/Activity This Week: I made it out to lunge Chelsea once – did a little time on the stationary bike too with some hand weights – I also ran up like 5 flights of stairs yesterday when getting my grandma at the train station (considering how fast my heart was going, I consider that a small victory in the workout department lol!). Again, hoping for more next week.
Movements: Still feeling only the little flutters on a daily basis and mostly when I’m lounging on the couch.  I can’t wait for those first big kicks!
Midwife Appointments: We had our monthly checkup with our midwife last week and everything went great! After all this time, we finally got our results of our IPS testing (testing for downs syndrome and spina bifida) and everything came back negative. We have a pretty healthy little one growing away.  All of my other blood work has come back as normal as I could and the baby still sounds nice and strong.  This time we recorded baby’s heartbeat which was awesome. It was so nice to be able to share that with our parents. 🙂
What The Heck Is It!?: Eeeek!! We go for the anatomy ultrasound in exactly one week today! Can you tell I’m excited?? 😉

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