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Dear Katie.

Dear Katie,

I’ve been wracking my brain for the past few days about what I would like to write to you, and even if I would write to you.  Ever since I heard the news, I find myself laying in bed at night unable to stop my mind from racing and thinking of what I’d like to tell you. So I decided to write you this letter of my thoughts in hopes that I am able to get everything down.

Can you believe it has already been over 5 years since we first met?  I remember being so amazed in the fact that you were SO brave to come and meet our ENTIRE family all at once to celebrate my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary in my back yard.  After about only 5 minutes of meeting you, I knew that you were exactly what my brother needed and what my family was missing.  You fit in so well right away.. it was as if we had already known you for years!

When my brother had told me he was going to propose to you, I remember being as excited as a little school girl.  Knowing that I was already lucky enough to have one amazing sister-in-law, I was SO excited to know that I was going to be even luckier and soon have two amazing sister-in-laws.. well, providing that you’d tell him yes! … Which, you obviously did. 😉

I’ll never forget the happy tears and the big hug that I got from you on my wedding day. It meant the world to me that you guys took the time to fly out to Jamaica to be with me on that special day.  And the fact that you acted as my ‘makeup’ lady on my big day meant more to me then you’ll ever know.  I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to that stuff and I was so lucky to have you there to take care of me and make me look beautiful.

And then came YOUR wedding day. Wow you looked incredible.  That entire day was so magical, but believe it or not, my absolute favourite moment was watching my big brother’s face as he watched you walk down that aisle towards him.  I don’t think I had ever seen him so happy in my entire life.  You brought out the very best in that brother of mine and I think that only those of us closest to him can truly see how you so amazingly impacted his life.  For that alone, I will always be so thankful for you touching his life in the way that you did. Because really, you not only touched him in that special way, but you touched every single one of us.

I can still picture your face the moment Chris and I told you about the baby. Your happiness and excitement completely warmed my heart as you instantly became ‘auntie Katie’.  It has brought me such joy to be able to share all the little pregnancy milestones with you so far, and although it saddens me greatly to know that I no longer have you at the other end of the phone, I know that you are watching over us and will be with us every step of the way.  I promise you that this little one will know exactly who his/her auntie Katie was and how much you loved him/her.

I could probably go on and on talking about memories with you, but at this point they just make me sad.  And knowing how much of a positive, bubbly, happy, uplifting person that you were, I know that you wouldn’t want me to be sad, but you’d want me to celebrate who you were.

So I will finish this letter of sorts by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life.

I will never forget your big bright smile.. I will never forget your laugh.. I will never forget how you always brought a good mood into a room.. I will never forget how much you’d laugh and then make me laugh when you’d make Chris do his Family Guy voice (I’m literally picturing you in my head telling him to do the voice again and again!).. I will never forget the great hugs you’d give..and I’ll never forget how all it took was you to put my big brother in his place. 😉

You were a beautiful soul Katie.

You were an angel to our family.

I don’t think that I could ever say goodbye to you, my dear sister. So for now, I’m just going to finish this letter by saying… I’ll see you again one day.

I will always love you.



We lost my beautiful sister-in-law very suddenly Tuesday December 4 due to complications from Marfan Syndrome.  She was such a bright soul that will be forever missed by anyone who has ever known her.


8 thoughts on “Dear Katie.

  1. That was a very beautifully written, touching letter. It’s clear she meant so very much to you. Prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.

  2. oh Laura, once again I’m sorry you lost your sister in law, a piece of your family. Please know I’m here any time to talk to, rant to, cry to, laugh remembering silly things with – whatever you need.

  3. Beautiful Laura, I also remember the first day I met Katie at your home on your parent’s anniversary. She was telling me about working at York Street Spa, I had just had a manicure the day before and she looked at my nail polish and knew the name of the color right away! I was so impressed! We talked and laughed a lot that evening and was so happy that Joey had finally met such a wonderful woman!
    I will also see you again someday dear Katie.
    Aunt Lise

  4. great idea to write her a letter Laura, it definitely brought a tear to my eye it was very touching….that must have been hard to write so good for you xoxoxoxo …..beautiful

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