Thoughts Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day 11/19/12

Over the last little while, I have found myself with several small things that I’d really want to say, but then never felt that those things justified their own post.  Since this is my blog with no rules, I’m going to start doing “Thoughts of the Day” posts when I have something that I really want to say. 🙂

1. Cell Phones While Driving

Several years ago, a no cell phone ban was put into place for drivers here in Ontario.  Meaning, it is AGAINST THE LAW to talk on your cell phone when driving if you do not have some sort of bluetooth technology.  As in, you can get charged if you are caught driving with your phone held up to your ear.  Pretty simple law, right?  Makes sense, right?  Many accidents are caused by people not paying attention when they are driving, so I’m all for anything to protect myself and others when on the road.  Funny enough, here in Durham Region, it doesn’t seem to matter.  ENTER MY VENT/RANT HERE.  Literally EVERY SINGLE day I see at least one person driving and yapping away on a phone held to their ear and there are NEVER any Durham Police around to catch them.  Seriously, where is the police presence around here?! There are already MANY horrible drivers around here (I really noticed this when I first moved from Eastern Ontario), the phone talkers just make it all worse.  Oh wait, I did spot one police officer today.. I noticed because the girl who was yapping on her phone suddenly put it down when the police car was in sight.. once he drove by the phone immediately returned to her ear.  It’s not THAT important people!!

Rant over. 😉

2. Twilight

Am I the only girl out there who could care less about all things Twilight????!? lol  Chris and I gave it a serious go and watched the first movie when it first came out.  It looked good but that’s about it.  We both thought the story was pretty lame and the acting horrible!  That being said, I’m pretty happy that the final movie is finally out in theatres!! 

3. Total Recall

We watched the newest version of this movie last night.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really wanting to watch it, BUT I am glad that I did.  The fact that I did NOT fall asleep on a Sunday night when watching means it was pretty good in my books!  I like my action movies with non-stop action and this had it!

P.S. I think my wee little bump is starting to pop out!! 😀


8 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day 11/19/12

  1. awe twilight is so cheesy it’s fabulous lol. you have to know that going in … you can expect oscar performances, just full on romantic nonsense. THEN it’s awesome

  2. You can’t judge Twilight by the movies. You have to read the books. I wasn’t a big fan of the movies but loved the books!

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