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The First Trimester: Expectations Vs. Reality

I never realized how little I actually knew about getting pregnant and pregnancy in general until I finally found myself beginning my research and living through it.

Now my focus of this post isn’t going to be all about getting pregnant, but crap! Before actually being in that position, wanting to get pregnant, I never realized how complicated it can be!  It really is totally about science and timing.  I honestly never realized that there are really only a handful of days each month where you could actually conceive.  CRAZINESS!!!  Anyway, I obviously figured it all out in the end, but my eyes were definitely opened up to a whole new world of information when we began that ‘trying’ stage.

That being said, today I wanted to post my thoughts and experiences throughout the first trimester, or perhaps what felt like some of THE longest 7-8 weeks of my life!! 😛

Having followed several women through their pregnancies in the blog world and having done a little bit of research on my own, I thought I knew what to expect.

I THOUGHT that maybe I’d feel a little sick at times…

I THOUGHT that maybe I’d be a little tired…

I THOUGHT that maybe I’d crave a certain food…

But overall, I THOUGHT that I wouldn’t really notice too much difference and carry on with life.

I THOUGHT I’d continue with some light runs while there was still day light after 5pm…

I THOUGHT that I’d still be riding at least 2 times a week…

I THOUGHT that I’d FEEL pregnant…


1. The Morning/All-Day Sickness

The nausea first hit literally only a few days after I found out I was pregnant.  I remember it so clearly.  It was just after 10am and I found myself starting to feel a little overheated at my desk.  Then out of nowhere I started to get that ‘omg I’m going to be sick!’ feeling so I rushed to the bathroom.  I locked myself in a stall and sat on the floor with my head between my legs fully preparing for an on-slaught of nastiness. (Let’s just note here that I am a total BABY when it comes to being physically ill. If I throw up, I start to bawl and I can’t control it.)  Thankfully, I never threw up, but I was shaking like mad and completely soaking wet with sweat. It was a close call.  When I felt well enough, I made my way back to my desk and that was that.  I told one of my coworkers (and swore her to secrecy) about the pregnancy shortly after that just so I’d have someone looking out for me if I had to dash back in there again and it didn’t go so well.

The next day around the same time, I started to get the feelings again, but this time I had a supply of Preggo Pops that my mom had purchased for me and they seemed to help.

We went to Disney world only a few days later and I owe my survival to saltines and ginger chews. 😉

It then wasn’t long until the nausea started to come on the moment I woke up and would last pretty much all day long.  I couldn’t get out of bed without having to down some saltines and water and barely managed to eat much throughout the day.  A sleeve of crackers and a bottle of ginger ale were new decorations on my desk at work. It sucked.

It still sucks actually.  As I mentioned in my 13 Week update, although the nausea has subsided a bit evenings/night time is still pretty bad.  For example, I actually made a nice supper last night of pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce and barley.  I managed to eat about 3 bites of pork and maybe 5-6 bits of barley before wanting to throw it all up.  About half an hour later, I toasted a bagel for ‘supper’.

People keep telling me it should go away in the next few weeks.  Oh I hope they are right. 😉


I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I kind of had an idea that I might be pregnant the week before I did my test thanks to 2 odd symptoms that weren’t normal for me.  The first being that I found myself absolutely PARCHED pretty much all day long.  I was downing water like it was my job and I just couldn’t seem to satisfy my thirst!  The second being that I was suddenly TIRED!! As in, falling asleep on the couch before 9pm kind of tired!  I’ve always been one to fall asleep on the couch, but never that early.  Something was up.

Yeah, so pretty much ever since I literally STRUGGLE to stay awake much past 8:30pm.  My night time socializing with our neighbours, or even just with Chris has been a thing of the past and I did NOT expect that.  I had heard that I’d probably get a little more tired once becoming pregnant, but the reality is SO FAR from what I expected.  Even on days where I felt O.K. nausea-wise were still a write off because I’d find myself rushing home after work just to crash on the couch!

3. Food/Eating

This has been a big one for me and it frustrates the hell out of me.  If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know it’s no secret that I LOVE food!  One of my passions is being able to play around in the kitchen and creating dishes that are healthy and taste fantastic!  It’s pretty devastating for a ‘foodie’ to not be able to cook and/or eat because her body won’t allow her.

The aversions seemed to hit several weeks after the + test.  Meal time became such a chore because I found myself simply not wanting anything.  Or, the things I’d want would be things that I couldn’t have.

Most vegetables/fruits were a big NO NO.  I went through a few weeks where I couldn’t handle anything with tomato (after almost throwing up from seeing a mouldy one on our counter) and 1 bad bite of spinach salad turned me off all things green completely.

Carbs sounded good, so my new breakfast staple became bagels and cream cheese.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate a bagel before this pregnancy, and also couldn’t tell you how many I have eaten in these past few weeks.

Hard-boiled eggs were good for a couple of weeks, until out of nowhere one day I only managed to get through a half of one and then that was it.

I didn’t even order dessert at my birthday supper!!!! ME who LOVES dessert!!  It was tragic.

Thankfully I’ve slowly been able to start incorporating more of my staples back into my diet, so I am hopeful on the food front.

4. Working Out

The last time I ran was the Terry Fox Run – the day I found out I was positively pregnant. 😉

I rode Chelsea I think 2 or 3 times during the entire first trimester. 😦

Along with food, this one also hit me pretty hard.  I was so used to being so active all the time and suddenly my body was telling me NO WAY!  I am OH SO JEALOUS of those pregnant women who were able to carry on with their workout routine’s with no issues because I was pretty much the opposite.  If anything, I was always TOO TIRED to do much of anything.  And the couple of times I did ride, the movement made the nausea worse.  It’s definitely been a tough go.

Thankfully, my energy is slowly creeping back and this past week has been my most active in months! (I even rode Tuesday! But more on that next week.)  I do know though that I unfortunately will not be able to keep up with the fitness level that I was used to, but I do hope that I can find new ways to be active throughout this winter.

5. Feeling Pregnant

This has been the weirdest one for me.  I guess because I really did not know what to expect or how I would feel.  The fact that there really isn’t much physical proof in early pregnancy made it really had to believe that something was actually growing inside of me.  I was at a point where I didn’t think I’d really believe until I was able to hear or see the little one.  When our midwife asked if we wanted her to try to find a heartbeat at our 10 week appointment, I definitely didn’t hesitate.  I’m not going to lie though, I was having a mini freak-out on the inside at the time wondering “what if she doesn’t find anything?”  She did tell us there was a 50/50 chance of hearing anything, but thankfully after about 2-3 minutes of searching around we heard it.  At 10 weeks, we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.  It finally felt REAL! .. at least for a little bit.

Just over a week later, I went for the first ultrasound. This was to be for dating purposes and IPS testing (a test for downs syndrome).  I was SO SO nervous in the hours leading up to the appointment.  I didn’t know what to expect and then I suddenly found myself thinking again “what if there’s nothing in there?!”  Again, I was worried for nothing because during that ultrasound I got to see one of the most amazing things ever – my baby.. MY baby.. flipping and swimming around in my belly actually looking like a BABY!

Now all that being said, I still don’t feel pregnant or that someone is growing inside me.   I don’t think it will really start to sink in until my belly starts to grow. 😉

Meanwhile to tide me over, I have my second midwife appointment (I go once a month right now) next week and can’t wait for a chance to hear the little heartbeat again!

And now after I make you read a mini novel, here is a photo sort of resembling the onesie my mom bought the little gaffer on the weekend.  It looks like this but has green piping around the trim. SO CUTE!


9 thoughts on “The First Trimester: Expectations Vs. Reality

  1. no one can really tell you what to expect. it’s just one of those things that is unique to all of us. but it doesn’t last forever so try your best to enjoy the good things (like the flipping baby haha) and remember the frustrating ones are temporary.

  2. I felt very similiar to you in the post. The hardest part of the first trimester is really acknowledging that you are growing a baby. Besides some of the fatigue and such, I didn’t feel much different. But second trimester is a WHOLE new story for me. Oh and I didn’t think pregnancy would affect my working out much either, boy was I wrong. I was completely unmotivated the whoel first trimester, and now actually feel like workout — but my body hurts so bad it’s hard!!

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