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My Pregnancy: 13 Weeks

This week I have decided that I’m going to say GOOD BYE to the 1st Trimester! Woo hoo!!! 🙂

There is SO much conflicting information out there as to when the 2nd trimester officially beings.. some say it starts at 12 weeks, some say it starts at 13 weeks and some say it starts at 14 weeks!!  Well, I’ve had enough of the 1st, so I’m going to say that today is my first day of my 2nd trimester!

Again, sorry for the literally just-got-out-of-bed sleepy photos this week! We really need to get in the habit of snapping these on Sundays when I am awake and we have daylight! 😉

Some, like my mom and dad, seem to think that my first trimester just flew on by.. BUT to me, the one who suffered through it, it seemed to take FOREVER!!! 😛

What Baby Is Up To:

“The fetus is now nearly 3 inches / 7 to 8 centimetres long from crown to rump and weighs nearly an ounce / 23 grams — about half a banana. Its unique fingerprints are already in place. And when you poke your stomach gently and he/she feels it, your baby will start rooting — that is, act as if he/she’s searching for a nipple.If you’re having a girl, she now has approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries; she will have only a million by the time she’s born. She’ll have fewer eggs as she gets older, and by age 17, the number will have dropped to 200,000. ” From Baby Center.

How I Am Feeling:

Well, I can definitely say that the nausea has started to subside a little bit in the past week, although I’m still finding myself feeling pretty crappy in the evening/night-time.  I’ve been able to eat some better suppers, but have found that I have to eat extremely early in attempt to get the food down before the nausea starts.  Aside from that though, I’d say I feel pretty much the same as last week.  The bloating is most definitely still there ALL THE TIME keeping me pretty uncomfortable, and I still struggle to stay awake past 8pm most nights.  The habit seems to be to sleep off and on between 8 and 9:30 on the couch and then I make my way up to bed.. fun stuff!

How My Body Has Changed:

From last week to this week, I don’t see much change, but I can start to FEEL a little bit of change.  I have noticed the last couple of days that if I press in right between my pelvic bones, I can actually feel that my uterus has begun to move up.  It’s very strange to feel, but pretty cool at the same time. It’s also nice that even though it’s still way too early to actually feel the baby, both Chris and I can now feel its ‘home’. 🙂
See?? Not too much change in a week.  I do REALLY want my bump to pop soon though so that I can actually be comfortable in clothes again!!! I’ve been trying to wear all of my baggiest shirts every day just to hide my bloat because it’s been so uncomfortable.  Once that bump pops, I’ll actually get to start wearing some of my normal tops again so I can proudly show it off! 😉

Weekly Stats:

Weight Gained: As of last Thursday, I have not gained any weight.  I do have my second midwife appointment next week though, so I imagine I’ll get an official weigh-in then.
Food Cravings: No cravings this week.
Food Likes/Dislikes:
I started eating oatmeal again and it’s GOOD! (oats + banana + blueberries + peanut butter)  I’ve also slowly been starting to eat more veggies and have even had 2 spinach salads!  I used to eat spinach almost every day, so it’s nice that I’m being able to start incorporating it into my diet again.  Tried chili Sunday night, but that was still kind of a no-go as I only managed to eat half a bowl before wanting to be sick.
Missing: Still missing my dippy eggs!!! *sigh*….  I was also bummed this week to see the new smoked salmon items in the President’s Choice Insider’s Report.. knowing that I can’t try them until the baby is born.
Baby Items Purchased This Week: None by me, but I did get a LOT of insanely awesome samples at the Toronto Babytime Show Saturday!!  Oh and my mom bought baby the cutest onesie — it says “iPoo’d” hahaha
Workouts/Activity This Week: I managed to get out to the farm twice this week to lunge Chelsea.  Saturday I probably did more walking than I’d done since going to Disney in September!! And Sunday afternoon, I did a lot of yard work with Chris.  So no actual “workouts”, but this past week, I was the most active that I’ve been for almost two months!
Catching Up?

15 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 13 Weeks

  1. CUTE! That is crazy about the pelvis huh? I’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I am in the stage now where I am hungry all the time and want to eat everything!!

  2. in that last photo you can definitely see the tiny 1/2 banana bump starting to appear 😉 how adorable!!
    also – that is C.R.A.Z.Y. about the baby ovaries!! :O

    • ha! I said that same thing to my hubby when comparing the photos – I look less puffy this week!!! I can’t get over how excited I am to actually have a legit bump!! 😉

  3. So glad you found my blog!

    The bloating feeling definitely sucks the first trimester, but it will go away soon. It’s so exciting to see the belly noticeably look like a bump. I think for me it happened around week 16. For my sister in law, it happened at 10 weeks, which is crazy fast.

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