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The Baby Details – Finding Out!

So there you have it, the cat’s out of the bag! 😉

There was a big reason as to why I had been pretty non-existent on the blog for the past month and a bit. That reason = I was feeling darn right awful! But more on that later.

Now back to the whole fact of… umm holy crap! There’s actually a baby growing inside of me right now!!! :O  I’ve been wanting to have a baby pretty much for as long as I can remember, and always wanted to have one before my 30th birthday.  After going through my stupid crazy health issues with the hives last year, there were moments where I didn’t think it was going to happen, but here I am now, just about 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby that is due to be born almost exactly 5 months before my 30th birthday. 🙂

I’m not going to go into all the details as to how long we’ve been trying and such, as I feel those little details are private details to be kept between myself and Chris.  That being said, I will begin this little story with the day I had my very first positive test.

Let’s rewind to September 15th.

It was a Saturday and I woke up early with an odd feeling in my stomach.  You know how some people are back sleepers, some are stomach sleepers, some are side sleepers?  Well, I am an everything sleeper.  I always fall asleep on my side, but sometimes wake up on my back, or my stomach, or my other side. Despite the constant change in positions, I always managed to just sleep on through it all.  Something was different that morning though.  I actually woke myself up when trying to move from my stomach to my side. Nothing hurt, but I woke to this strange pulling sensation in my stomach.  Since we had been trying for a baby and it was pretty close to testing time anyway, I immediately found myself WIDE awake eager to pee on a stick.

It was 5am.

On a Saturday.

I got out of bed carefully not to wake Chris, quietly grabbed one of my tests from the upstairs bathroom and headed downstairs to the powder room.  I remember shaking with nerves but deep down it was as if I knew this was going to be it.  I did my business and waited.  The alotted 3 minutes felt like about 10 or 15 at that point, but I couldn’t help but stare.  I kept staring and then a second line actually started appearing!  At this point I wasn’t new at the whole peeing on a stick thing, so when I saw that second line start to show, I knew this was it!  I immediately snapped a photo with my ipod and emailed it to my friend Angie asking her to confirm what I thought I was looking at.

After the immediate excitement, I made my way back to bed and tried to stay as quite as possible while repeatedly hitting refresh on my inbox and surfing the net.  Finally just after 6 I couldn’t wait any long and woke Chris telling him that I think I just got a positive test.  The line was faint, and even though I knew any second line meant a positive, we decided to pick up a good expensive digital test that day whick I’d take the following morning just to be sure.  That day was the first that I decided to say no to coffee. 😉

Sunday, September 16.

It was the morning of the Terry Fox Run and I found myself wide awake at 5am yet again… after barely sleeping a wink!  I was too excited to sleep!  Again, I slowly got out of bed, grabbed my expensive test, plus the last of my cheapie tests that I had ordered online, and made my way downstairs to the powder room.  I did my thing and then began to watch both of my tests like a hawk.  After only about a minute, the second line began to appear again on my little cheapie test and then I saw it. The big fat YES+ on my digital test. It was true! I was actually pregnant!!!!  I took a photo of the tests again and emailed my friend Angie to confirm that it was all true and then made my way back to bed.

I then woke Chris up early again to tell him that we were for SURE having a baby. Best moment ever.

That day, my baby and I ran our first 5K together.  But at the time, my mom had no idea. 😉

I am SUPER CLOSE with my parents and knew that I wouldn’t have been able to keep a secret from them, so Chris and I planned to tell them the good news at lunch time once the race was done.  We told them we’d meet them at their place and that we were bringing lunch.  My grandma was visiting at the time, so we said we just wanted to have lunch with her as well as them.  After a quick shower, Chris snapped my first ‘belly photo’ to use as our before shot…

..and then we went to A&W. Remember that commercial? 😉  We bough a Mamma Burger, a Baby Burger, a Grandpa Burger and then to more Mamma Burgers (no more Grandma burgers there!) which we wrote Grand-Mamma on one and Great-Grand-Mamma on the other.  Chris didn’t want a Papper burger, so he chose to be different and get his favourite Mozza Burger.  Upon arriving to my parents, Chris started handing out the burgers leaving the baby one in the middle of the table.  Then we waited to see how long it took them all to clue in on what we were saying.  They figured it out pretty quickly and after some gasps and smiles we essentially got an “It’s about time!” from my parents.  PRICELESS.

We finally had the opportunity to tell Chris’ parents a few days later (the wait felt like forever!!!).  We planned to tell them the same way, but didn’t feel like A&W again.  So this time, Chris picked up burgers at our favourite joint – Mr. Burger and took it upon himself to write babcia and dziadek on two of them (stands for grandma and grandpa in Polish).  It was really fun watching their facial expressions as Chris handed them their burgers as it didn’t really seem to click in at first.  After a little hinting from Chris, they got it and his mom came out with the best reaction that sounded a bit like “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!”. Again, PRICELESS.

That next weekend, our baby went on it’s first plane trip to the happiest place on earth.

At only 5 weeks along, our baby got to go to Disney World!!


11 thoughts on “The Baby Details – Finding Out!

  1. Laura! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED 😀 <—- beaming. You look amazing and I'm sooo glad you're feeling better now. My first trimester was no fun but from then on I had more energy. YAY! I WAS wondering where you'd gone but then, my bad, I forgot to check back this month. YAY so glad I'm not missing this 🙂 CONGRATS!

    • haha Thanks!!! 🙂 I’m still not feeling 100% YET… but holy cow am I ever feeling better than I had been. I am SO glad the cat’s out of the bag now so that I can start with my weekly updates! yay!!

  2. awwwww sooo cute! i love the burger story. that is awesome. I am sooo excited for u guys. cannot wait to follow this part of the journey with you guys! xoxox

  3. heyyyy that’s me you emailed it to!!! 🙂 🙂 i don’t know how i missed this post! so excited … now i will continue reading LOL

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  5. Laura, you forgot to add the part that I was running around with my hands to my face while I was screeching “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

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