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Patio Planter Upgrade

Is the long weekend really over already? *sigh*..

Chris and I went into this weekend with no set plans and it turned out to be fantastic.  We relaxed, hung out with friends and ate some great food.  What more could you ask for? 🙂 

Relaxing aside, I couldn’t go into a long-weekend without at least one little project on the agenda. 😉 This project had to do with my large patio planters.  Last weekend while working out back, Chris and I both commented how crappy the flowers in the planters were looking for the end of August. 

It was then when I commented that after all these years, I haven’t managed to find the right combination of flowers that looked great in the planters all summer long.  Chris then suggested we look into putting some sort of evergreen into the large planters instead.  I actually hadn’t ever really thought about putting an evergreen in a pot, but I loved his idea right away.

Saturday we went shopping for some planter-worthy evergreens and came home with two little boxwood shrubs for $5.99 a piece. Boxwoods weren’t what we had in mind originally, but after we saw some shaped at the nursery, we realized that in a few years time, we’d really be able to get a nice, fairly maintenance-free look. Something sort of like this:


Unfortunately though, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our ideal look with ratty, old, terracotta-coloured plastic planters.  Since I wanted to keep this project on a budget (as I do with all projects), I thought that I would try spray painting what we had in attempt to achieve the look we wanted.

First step was to empty out the planters and give them a good wash.

It helped that it was a hot sunny morning when I decided to do this, so they dried pretty quickly.  Once dry, I set them out on some newspaper and brought out my favourite colour of spray paint.

I went with Rust-Oleum’s Universal Metallic paint in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  I have already used this paint on some door knobs inside the house and absolutely LOVED how they turned out, so I thought that it would look great on the planters.

I proceeded to paint my planters with very thin coats, allowing them to dry for about 20 minutes in between coats.  After about 3-4 thin coats, I had my desired look.  My ratty old plastic planters actually no longer looked like plastic!!  I was so excited to get our baby boxwood’s in their new home, that the wait for them to dry fully seemed to last forever!  Finally after allowing the planters to dry for a few hours, I re-filled the planters with soil and planted our new evergreens.

We are absolutely in love with the end product!

To really show how much of a difference this little upgrade made, here’s the before:

And, here’s what the space looks like now!

We just love how crisp and clean the planters look now. Do they look like plastic to you??

All this upgrade took was a few minutes of spray painting, over a few hours of ‘relaxing time’ on a long weekend.

In terms of cost, since I used planters and soil that we already had, the only cost was $5.99/ea for two boxwood shrubs and $10 for a can of spray paint. So in total, this project only cost us with tax, $24!  Not too shabby considering a brand new planter this size would cost at LEAST $25!

I love the clean look of this and am actually very excited for the fact that I’ll never have to worry about wasting money on flowers for these ever again!


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