Kickin’ It Back Old School

So it’s really Monday again eh? Where, oh where do these summer weekends go???

We went into this past weekend with one plan in mind, only to completely change things around when we woke up Saturday morning.  Sometimes, we just can’t justify sitting on a GO train for 2 hours of our day just to attend an event in Toronto.  Since we realized that it was going to be a gorgeous day when we woke, we decided to carry on as we usually do Saturday’s and get our groceries done right away.  After the shopping was done, we had my parents over for a BBQ lunch, I had a lazy couple of hours on the couch with my furry buddy (who seems to be doing well with his sister gone to my parents)..

..and then we went on a killer walk/run to the site of Chris’ high school (his high school, which was a former POW camp during WWII, will be the star of this week’s Wordless Wednesday post)

After a fantastic no-plans type of day, we decided to keep things going after supper and do something a little old school with our awesome neighbours.

We went to the DRIVE-IN!!!

I think I have only ever been to a drive-in once in my life, and I was too young to really remember.  All I remember was that we went with some of my parents’ friends and their kids and that there was a school bus there that we all packed into to watch the movie.  I can’t remember what movie we watched though, which is too bad.

This particular drive-in is located in Port Hope about 20-25 minutes from our house.  Chris and I have actually talked about going quite a few times over the years, but we just never actually made it there.  So when our neighbours brought it up on Friday, I immediately jumped at the idea.  The movies playing were The Bourne Legacy and TED.  A movie that we were both interested in seeing:

And one that we’ve already seen and both LOVED:

Even though I couldn’t totally remember going to the drive-in as a kid, I couldn’t help but feel that we were stepping back in time a bit as we pulled up to the location.

It was literally surrounded by corn fields in the middle of nowhere.

The back of the screen was covered in rust, weeds were a little over-grown… even the main entrance sign seemed to be original. It looked almost odd seeing ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’ plastered on there.

We paid our $20 at the gate and then pulled into our spot right in the front row.  Honestly, I don’t know why more people didn’t go straight to the front row. Many people who got through the gates before us headed straight to the back, but in my opinion, the front row was definitely where it was at.  We had a perfect view with no obstructions.  Lined up next to our neighbours’ cars, we got our snacks together, and chatted a bit while we waited for the sun to disappear for the night.

By 9pm, it was just dark enough out and we were excited and ready for our first drive-in experience together.

As soon as The Bourne Legacy hit the screen, I thought to myself “sweeeeet”!  It was just so neat seeing it being played out so brightly right in front of us.  Unfortunately though, the movie was horrible.  Being that Chris and I are HUGE Bourne fans.. I mean the first  movies with Matt Damon rocked! ..we were not happy at all with this new addition to the series.  The action was at a minimum and the story didn’t really seem to go anywhere.  About an hour in I actually turned to Chris and told him that I was going to fall asleep until TED.  And to my surprise, he actually said to me that he was drifting!  I think that is a first for him!  Needless to say, The Bourne Legacy got a big 2-thumbs-down from both of us and it’s too bad, because I really am a fan of Jeremy Renner. Unfortunate indeed.

Once the first movie ended, the spot lights came on for a brief intermission. We both needed to wake up a bit, so we went for a walk to the little concession stand where Chris treated his tiny sweet tooth and got some movie candies.  As we were making our way back to the car, TED started so we sort of then started jogging back to the car. The opening to TED is awesome and we didn’t want to miss it again.  As for TED as a whole, we’ve already seen it before so we knew what to expect and it didn’t disappoint during the 2nd run through.  I definitely loved it just as much the second time around meaning that we will definitely be buying it when it comes out on blu. 😉

But now, here’s for the annoying part of the night.. with about 5 minutes left in the movie, Chris’ car died.  As in the battery went CAPUT! DEAD… we were in the middle of a field, 25 minutes from home and the car battery was toast. Yikes!!!

Thankfully, the people at the Port Hope drive-in were prepared, and our neighbour found a guy to give us a boost so that we could get home. They did charge us $5 for that though, which we thought wasn’t so great of them. Regardless, the car was boosted and we managed to make our way home.

Overall, we loved the trip to the drive-in, but it could have been WAAAAY better if the first movie was actually good.  I’m actually pretty disappointed in the movie because the trailers made it look SO good!  You win some, you lose some though right?

Would we go back?

YES. Definitely.

It was something we don’t normally do, which is awesome.

Although I think we’ll bring a portable radio with batteries next time. 😉

Did any of you do anything fun and/or different this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Back Old School

  1. I LOVE the drive-in!! I always end up falling asleep for the second movie but TED is hilarious so I probably would have napped through the first one on this case!

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