Staycation 2012 Recap

Last week, Chris and I had a week’s vacation booked off of work and we decided to make a little “Staycation” out of it.  Having already gone away on a trip earlier this year, with another little one planned next month (more on that another day), we thought it would be nice to just relax and hang out around the house.

I decided to kick off the holiday via a Friday night visit with my favourite equine girls.

The last week of work leading up to this vacation was unusually hectic and stressful, so a visit to the farm that first Friday was just what the doctor ordered.  Nothing melts the stress away more than a happy nickering greeting from my girl Chelsea.  The icing on the cake was that my dear little pony friend Daisy Duke (the one pictured above with the white face) was equally as happy to see me. Daisy and I go way back when I picked her out from an auction several years ago.  The owners of the farm where I keep Chelsea bought her that day and I went on to train her for them over the next year and a half.  She’s been helping to teach kids to ride ever since and is a definite sweet heart. 🙂

That first weekend of vacation was glorious. We had ZERO plans and did a whole lot of nothing.  Groceries were purchased, tv/movies were watched and some yard work was done.. Doesn’t our front garden look pretty?

I actually LOVE doing gardening and yard work, so I definitely consider working outdoors a great part about the staycation.

Come Monday morning, we had decided that we would take a little drive and visit with Chris’ parents at their trailer to spend some time on the lake.  We hadn’t been up there yet this year and couldn’t have picked a better day.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it wasn’t horribly hot! The temp was around the 25 degree mark and perfect!  And what better way to spend a perfect afternoon but on the water, so we headed out on my father-in-law’s boat.

It was such an incredibly relaxing and awesome afternoon.  A perfect start to a staycation.

Upon our return from the lake, things went not-so-good for a day…

Something happened between my cats Piper and Boo when we were gone.  I’m not sure what, but something was just not right.  Wednesday morning, we heard some crazy awful screams coming from them in the basement. The screams were so bad, I thought there was probably going to be blood on one of them.  Thankfully there was no blood, but I arrived downstairs to find Boo completely puffed up and a mess all over the floor.  I then found Piper in his usual hiding spot and for some reason he would NOT come out to me.  Piper ALWAYS comes to me, so it was very puzzling as to why he was staying put.  I soon realized that he wouldn’t come because Boo was right beside me.  Something happened which caused him to suddenly hate/become scared of her!  As the morning progressed, Boo couldn’t get within 8 feet of Piper without him growling and hissing at her.  He normally snuggles with and play fights with this girl, so something was definitely wrong.  After a frantic phone call to my parents, my oh-so-amazing parents, it was agreed that Boo was going to go and spend some time at their house.

Piper did a complete 180 after we returned home without Boo and returned to his normal sucky self. Actually, now a week later, he’s been acting like he used to when he was very young.  He’s relaxed, sociable and happy.  Very very odd.

As for Boo, she seems to be doing well.  Actually she seems better every day.  She’s never really been around a dog much before and my parents have a big beautiful golden named Charlie who just wants to be everyone’s best friend.  Boo seemed pretty unsure about him at first, but as each day passes, she seems to come around more and more. Dare I say that they might even become friends? 😉

That Wednesday was a very stressful day for me, but I’m doing better now.  I still see Boo almost every day since I have lunch with my mom during the week and it’s nice to see that she’s doing ok.

The rain came the next day… literally 😉 and we were happy to see it.  We haven’t had a lot of rain around here this summer, so it was very nice to let mother nature water the grass and gardens instead of having to use our own water.  It was another day spent doing nothing and it was fantastic.  The rain stopped late that afternoon, so I figured on a whim that it would be the perfect time to get started on our big staycation project.  We had plans to fix up a portion of our back yard and that plan needed to begin with a TON of weeding.  I figured weeding post-rain would be much easier than trying to weed when the ground was dry and I was right.  So weeding I did until it was done. (more on that soon)

After my weeding spree, I remember going into the house to get some chicken breasts ready to grill.  As I was prepping the chicken in the kitchen, out of nowhere, Chris asks if I wanted to go for some Thai food for supper instead.  We were on vacation so a suggestion to go to an amazing restaurant on a whim was a great idea in my books!  That night, we went to Thai Hotspot in Courtice and had one heck of a tasty meal!

Spicy pad-thai for Chris and a rice vermicelli noodle bowl with chicken, lettuce, cucumber, peanuts and a chili-lime sauce for me.  It was AH-mazing!

Last Friday, was the yard-work morning of fun! 😉

We started our day with a trip to Home Depot and then got to work. I’m not going to say much on this project today, as I’m devoting an entire post to it tomorrow, but here’s a little sneak peak involving landscaping fabric and some limestone.

We accomplished a LOT and are pretty happy with the progress.

More relaxing and ‘nothing’ was done for the rest of the weekend and our vacation was finished off with a nice little trip to the local blueberry farm.

It was our first trip to Wilmont Orchards this summer and we hope to be back on a weekly basis until the season ends. Nothing beats the taste of fresh blueberries directly off of the bushes.  And for the price (that container in my hand was full and it only cost us $5.21!), we’d be crazy not to indulge!

I couldn’t help but feel a little sad when Sunday night rolled around. Nothing beats getting to spend a week with my hubby with no real plans.  It was SO nice to wake up when we wanted, relax and take my sweet time getting ready in the morning and doing what we wanted, when we wanted.  It was a great break and just what I needed to get myself mentally prepared for this busy time at work. We’re approaching back-to-school time and for me in my job, that means crunch time to make sure things are in and ready before school starts. Our September mini-vacation can’t some soon enough!.. again, more on that later. 😉

p.s. I have completed my first course with Durham College and scored a 94%! Looking forward to the next semester where I’ll be taking an intro to Photoshop and an intro to HTML. 🙂


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