Mother/Daughter Road Trip

This past weekend, my mom and I embarked on a little road trip, just the two of us.

The purpose for this trip was to attend my cousin’s baby shower in Ottawa.  And since my grandma’s house is only one hour further than Ottawa, we decided that we’d crash at her place for the night before making the trek back home Sunday morning.

We hit the good ol’ 401 highway bright and early Saturday morning with coffees in tow and a clear sky all around.

Thankfully the drive was pretty uneventful, which was very nice considering the conditions we had the last time we made this drive back in January for my brother’s wedding.  That drive in January was probably the most terrifying drive that I ever had to do. Me and driving in snow = not a good mix.  This time around, the sun was shining the entire time and we really got to enjoy the scenery as we made our way east. I particularly love the rock cliffs that you drive through as you pass through the Kingston area.

Roughly 3.5 hours later, we had made our way to the Ottawa area.

After stopping for a quick snack and a pee break, we arrived at my cousin’s baby shower.

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but 0 photos were snapped at the shower. It was just WAY too HOT to do anything! The car said 37.5 degrees C by the time we arrived (so 99.5 F) and that was before taking the humidity into account!  We all assembled under a nice white tent in the back yard of my cousin’s in-laws and did our best to stay as quiet and still as possible.  The shower itself was lovely and my cousin looked fantastic. I still can’t believe that she’s actually having a baby in a month!! On top of that, I still can’t believe that her sister-in-law (so my other cousins’ wife) is also having a baby this summer. But she is due next week!  That’s right, 2 new babies are coming to our family this summer. Craziness!  Anyway, back to the shower. 😉 The food was great as was the company and my cousin’s new little bundle is definitely VERY loved already. I look forward to meeting him/her.

When we all finally had enough of the heat, we said our goodbyes and my mom and I continued on our trek east to go to my grandma’s house.  Look at what the temperature was as we drove along!

All I can really say about that is thank goodness for AC in the car!!  After sweating like mad for 3 hours at the shower, it was definitely nice to be back in the air-conditioned car. 😉

The drive to my grandma was one down memory lane and it was fantastic.  To any new readers here, you might not know that I grew up living next door to my grandma.  This summer marks 10 years since we moved to the gta and I still get that nostalgic homey feeling every time I head back to Cornwall.  Each time I have done the drive from Ottawa to ‘home’ since we moved away, I have that fear that I may not remember the way. But each time that drive is made, it is like I could do it with my eyes shut.  That particular route is one that is mostly through small country towns and it includes many twists and turns, but I could honestly turn on auto-pilot in my brain and still know exactly where to go without even thinking.

As we pulled into my grandma’s street, even though it’s been 10 years, it still felt like I was coming home.

I of course, had to then use my stealth powers to snap photos of my childhood home without the owners seeing me and wondering why I was taking photos of their house. 😉

Believe it or not, it still essentially looks exactly the same as it did when we moved away.. right down to the blue front door.  I’d like to think that if the owners were to ever put this house on the market in a price range that was affordable to us, I would like to buy it and move back.  My parents built that house and I lived there for most of my life, so I hold it very near and dear to my heart.

Speaking of things that I hold very near and dear to my heart… each and every time I go back to my home turf, it is an absolute MUST that one meal be eaten at one of my favourite restaurants.  A restaurant that they just don’t have here in the GTA…

St. Hubert!!!!

Let’s just say, that I really am not a big fan of Swiss Chalet (the main chicken chain around here) because I grew up on the french version – St. Hubert. And St. Hubert is a million times better!  It’s obviously not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but I seriously can’t visit Cornwall without eating this incredibly delicious chicken. It is heaven on a plate for me.

Once we had our fill of chicken, we made our way back to my grandma’s and turned in for the night.  Being out on the road and then in the heat all day long was exhausting!!!!

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and hit the road again to head back west to our new ‘homes’.  You can only snap so many photos of the same stretch of highway so I won’t bore you with any more of those. 😉 The trip was uneventful again, which means good in our minds.  I was home by 1pm giving me just a little more weekend time to spend with my hubby. It’s always weird going on little trips without him!


2 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Road Trip

  1. Laura did you darken your hair? You’re like your mom’s twin lol … so cute.
    Also i LOVED st hubert when i was little… om nom nom soooo tasty.

    • You bet I did! I tried going the lighter route in the spring, but found it didn’t work well with my dark eyes and eyebrows, so I went dark again and LOOOOOVE it! 🙂 And ya, my mom and I get that a lot. 😉 hehe

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