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Time to Rearrange!

The moment I saw THIS POST on Young House Love the other day, I found myself inspired.  I’ve always been one who loves a good rearranging-the-furniture fest and began to think how I could rearrange our bedroom as well to make it feel a bit bigger all while adding some good flow.

You see, before yesterday, our room was a tad on the messy side…

I also purposely left the room messy for the before photo shoot.. you know… so we get a good after-effect. 😉

One thing I love about rearranging a room is how you can get such a different space without spending a cent!  After some quick thought, I realized that our two green paintings were already potentially hung in the perfect spot.  I wondered if our bed would fit in that area while leaving space between the bed and the wall, so as soon as I got home last night, I headed on up there with the measuring tape in hand.

Needless to say, it was a perfect fit!!!

Since I tend to always go to bed earlier than Chris (he’s a bit of a night hawk), I was thinking that this arrangement might work to my benefit.  Looking at the bed in the photo above, I sleep on the right side and about 95% of the time, fall asleep while laying on my left.  That means my face will now be in a corner facing the wall.  This is a good thing, because before the rearrangement, when he would come to bed and open the door, the light would shine right on my face.  Light on my face when I am on the verge of falling asleep, or when I have just fallen asleep = BAD! Now that I’m kind of tucked in the corner, it stays dark – so all is well! Yay!

Our dressers, which aren’t the prettiest things (oh how I hope to replace them one day..), now live on the beautiful forest wall.

With the dressers here, we now have a nice wide open space right in the middle of the room. It makes the room feel HUGE and also adds a lot more flow to the space.  If I am in a rush to get out the door and need to grab something from the closet, I no longer have to run around the bed, or jump over it.  There’s now a clear, wide open path to make mornings that much easier. …please ignore the open closet door.. it is currently broken and needs to be fixed. 😉

Now, there are obviously so many things that I would still love to do in this space. #1 being getting rid of the carpet and laying some nice dark laminate flooring.  I’d also love some blackout curtains, a new fan/light fixture, new dressers, new bedding, etc…  Thankfully something as simple as rearranging can make a big enough change to tide me over for just a little bit longer.  The rest will come in due time. 🙂



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