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The SodaStream Fizz Factor

Is it really Monday already?  Wow, that weekend flew by!

Today, I want to talk about another new-to-Canada product that I’ve had the pleasure of tying over the past couple of weeks – SodaStream!  If you care about the environment, like saving money, and are a fan of fizzy drinks, READ ON! 😉

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the wonderful people of SodaStream and having not really heard of the product before, I found myself very intrigued.  We sent a few emails back and forth and before I knew it, this showed up at my desk!

The fantastic people at SodaStream had sent me one of their machines, along with a pack of flavour samples to try out and review right here on the blog. How cool is that?!

Now, before I go any further, I guess I should give a brief explanation as to what SodaStream is. 😉

Essentially, the machine has the capability of turning your own tap water into sparkling soda with no use of power or batteries.  It comes with a 1L reuseable bottle and a cylinder of CO2 that can make up to 60 bottles!! I’ve done some shopping around, and a cylinder of CO2 will run you about $18 – so, that being said, this machine can make you 60 1L bottles of sparkling water for about $.30 a bottle. Pretty impressive if you ask me!  It is also SO extremely EASY to make said bottles of sparkling water.

Upon unpacking my new machine, I was pretty excited about the fact that it looks great in my kitchen. I couldn’t believe that it was a perfect match to my beloved mixer!  Although the SodaStream is a lot taller than the mixer, it really isn’t that big in size and doesn’t take up too much space.  Also, due to the fact that there are no batteries or cord to plug-in, it’s nice and light making it easy to move around.

When it comes to making the sparkling water, it’s literally as easy as this!

– Fill up the SodaStream bottle with cold tap water.  We like to use a Brita to filter our tap water, so that is what I used.  The bottle comes with a fill line, so fill-er right on up to that line.

– Now it’s time to get some fizz factor going.  You need to first attach the bottle of water to the SodaStream machine.  To do this, all you do is slide back a lever that is located on the top which helps to tilt the machine up.  With the top tilted, there’s now easy access to screw in the bottle of water. And as I said before, the machine itself is so light, so it’s really easy to get this done. Once the bottle is screwed in nice and tight, all you do to carbonate the water is pull down the lever on the front of the machine in short, but quick bursts.  It will make a noise as the CO2 is pumped into the water.  You continue to do this a few times until you hear a very loud noise.  As you continue to pump the lever, you will get more loud noises. The loud noise means more carbonation.  The fizzier you want your water, the more CO2 you pump into it. It’s as simple as that!

At this point, if you’re just after some sparkling water, you’re done!  It will take you all but maybe 2 minutes from the time you pour water from the tap into the bottle and are able to serve up sparkling water. Honestly, I was so impressed with how simple and quick of a process it really is.

Now, for the cool part! 😉

SodaStream also has different flavours that you can add to the sparkling water to make your own pop!  They kindly sent me a sample pack to try. And again, I was very impressed.

I’ve already tried the Cola (and it tasted great by the way!) and for this example, I decided to try the Lemon Lime.

– Adding flavour to your sparkling water takes place after you finish carbonating it.  It’s again a very easy task.  All you do is open up the flavouring, and carefully pour it into the sparkling water.

– Then you have to be VERY careful and gently shake the bottle to mix it all together.

– Maybe 1 more minute later and you can pour yourself a nice glass of pop!  No bottles to throw away, no cans to worry about.. awesome.

Now to be 100% honest, Chris and I aren’t exactly the biggest pop drinkers. We might buy ourselves a can or two as a treat once a month.  BUT, now that we have the SodaStream, I’m actually really finding myself looking forward to creating my own healthy pop-alternatives.  Looking towards the future, I’m seeing perhaps some sort of berry fizz with freshly picked strawberries.. a few cucumber slices? .. Or even my own ginger ale!

Regardless, I’ve come to realize that the SodaStream is a pretty fantastic machine.  Who would have ever thought that you’d be able to make your own fizzy pops at home in a meer handful of minutes?  I am blown away and forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to give the machine a shot.  I foresee many new fizzy drink creations in my future!


4 thoughts on “The SodaStream Fizz Factor

    • I’m definitely looking forward to playing around with it tonight now that the heat is on! I’m really thinking of trying strawberry/cucumber. I’ll report back if it works! 😉

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