Back To Class: Name Card Assignment

This winter, I decided that I wanted to go back to school part-time and pursue a certificate in Web Site Creation and Design via online courses with Durham College.  Web design has been a great love of mine since we first got the internet when I was a kid. … wow I can’t believe that the net really wasn’t around when I was really young!!  Anyway, I made my first web page when I was in grade 7 and fell in love with the act of creating online content right away.  I would absolutely love to learn/gain the skills needed to eventually re-design this little blog of mine and then maybe even do some designing for others, but first I must take some classes.

In attempt to ease back into the idea of being a student again (it’s already been 6 years since I graduated from the University of Guelph!), I chose to begin by taking 1 course this semester.  The course is titled “Design Basics” and I am essentially learning just that – the basics of design.  I can only hope that by the end of this course I have a better understanding on how to make visually appealing designs that I can one day apply to the blog.

Yesterday I submitted my first actual design assignment for this course and I thought that I’d like to share it on the blog.  My assignment was to create 3 different name cards.  The only directions we were given were that the cards were to measure 3.5″x2″, and that we were to play around with fonts, colours and images.  Aside from that, we essentially had free reign.

I’m not going to lie, I had a difficult time actually deciding where I wanted to go design-wise, but once I had a general idea, I worked my little butt off on them and am pretty happy/proud of the end result. We had to include a write-up for each name card to describe them and explain why we did what we did, so without further ado, here is what I came up with.


When I first began to think about this assignment, I knew that I wanted to create name cards that convey who I am and what I love.

1. Being a horse owner/lover, it is only fitting for me to use the imagery of a horse in this first card. First and foremost, I wanted to add some texture and colour to the background of the card. I used a photo of a green fabric to achieve this and played around with the opacity so that it would really blend in.  The fabric itself acts as the texture and I thought that green would be a good colour choice as it represents the grass of open fields, which comes to mind when thinking about horses. As for the horses themselves, I found some simple, but effective vector graphics and chose to position the jumping horse on top of the galloping one all while paying close attention to where the rounding of the hind ends are.  I thought that matching them up helped to make the images flow together.  For the font, I went with one called LaPointe’s Road.  I really liked the whimsical quality to the font. I felt that it went well with the horse theme.

2. I’d like to think that this card is a great mixture of quirkiness and class; two qualities that I’d like to use to describe myself.  When I first came across this font, AlphabitsSquared, I just knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I wanted some texture again and decided to go with an image of a crumpled up piece of paper (often during bouts of creativity, people scribble on, then crumple up/discard ideas as they go).  Initially, I had created this card solely with my name on the crumpled piece of paper.  I liked the look, but thought that I could use a little bit more of my personality… I came across some great vector swirls that I thought would be perfect. I picked out the vector that I liked the best and mirrored it to create the framing effect on my name.  It’s basic, but quirky and classy at the same time. It’s me.

 3. Lastly, I am an avid cook and baker.  People who know me best might say that I am most famous for my chocolate chip cookies.  That being said, I wanted the image of the cookies to be the main focus of this name card. The font used here is called Annie Use Your Telescope and I chose to utilize the typing on a path tool to make my name cascade down the side of the cookies. I had thought of using some colour on my name at one point, but quickly realized it was distracting from my main point: I am a simple baker, who likes to bake with the simplest ingredients.


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