Cavalia’s ODYSSEO

Well, well, well… What can I say?

Yesterday at about 4:10 pm, I got a message from Chris:

You there?
can you drive here? i just scored 2 VIP tickets to cavalia tonight, incl dinner
would they let you leave early?
you’d just have to park there $20
but holy shit

My immediate reaction was something along the lines of “WOW….”  My heart immediately start to race in excitement, anticipation, and NERVES.  The only way this could happen would be if I drove BY MYSELF straight into downtown TORONTO! …that’s something I really just don’t do and have only ever done once in my life.  Thanks to an awesome co-worker, I quickly found myself armed with a GPS and pushed out the door.

About 1 hour and 20 minutes after leaving my house, and a little bit of Don Valley Parkway traffic, I had survived.

I made it.

Having informed the people at the gate that I was VIP, I was directed to the most prime of parking spots – right in front of the entrance.  Chris hadn’t arrived yet, so I took the time to breathe (I just survived my first drive into downtown people!) and take it all in.

Once Chris and his co-workers arrived, we made our way into the VIP tent for our pre-show meal. It was too dark in there to snap any photos, but I assure you that we were most definitely treated like VIP.  On my plate was a cous cous salad, honey diijon chicken breast, grilled asparagus, cheese tortellini, bocconcini tomato salad, among other things.  The food was included as were drinks.  It was a fantastic.

With our bellies full, it was time to take our seats. We were right in the middle, about 7 rows up from the front. The seats couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Once we were seated, to bring in some audience involvement, a little trivia was played on the curtains.

On top of having 61 horses, not one was a mare!  I had forgotten that fact even though I had seen Cavalia several years ago.

Before we knew it, the show had begun and I was in awe throughout the entire thing.

No words can describe what we saw under that tent last night.  And if I had to use words, they would be along the lines of… REMARKABLE, BREATHTAKING, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING.  The entire show completely blew my mind.  How they got the horses to do what they did – I do not know.  If you ever have the opportunity to go and see this show, please do not pass it up!

Now, back to my night… Don’t think that the VIP experience stopped right there now!

Along with supper, we were also served desert and coffee during the intermission. But, the little cherry on top occurred after the show was over.

We got to tour the stables!!!! 🙂

Unfortunately for me, we weren’t allowed to touch the horses — it was soooo tempting! But, we did have free rein to walk through the stables and say hello to all of the horses in the show.  Most of them were more interested in their supper than us, but I did snap a couple of photos of some notable boys.

It was most certainly a night that I will never forget.

Big thanks to Chris’ work for this one! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cavalia’s ODYSSEO

  1. wow Laura!!! You must’ve been freaking out! I’m so happy for you what an amazing experience for a lover of Horsies! 🙂
    and I hate driving downtown too, get the shakes and all lol … but hooray you did it!

    • I was freaking out my heart was POUNDING when I found out that we were goign! lol
      Glad I’m not the only one who hates driving into the city!!!

  2. I’m just laughing at your driving in Toronto experience…. welcome to my world….What a wonderful experience at the show! Thanks for the full report and pictures!

    • I grew up in Eastern Ontario where you are lucky to have 2 cars near you when getting on the 401. It was a HUGE shock when I moved to the GTA.. I can handle my daily commute to Oshawa where I get off the highway usually right where the traffic stops. I will never get used to driving into the big city though. 😉

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